Design Your Own Tile - It's Addictive

A few weeks ago, I was poking around various forms of social media while scouting for new ideas and products. I like to scroll and click thorough hashtags...that lead to pictures...that lead to people...that endlessly take you on a journey and let your mind wander. Have you ever done this?

I believe it was Erin Williamson's IG account that I can blame for this new obsession. Do you know Erin? She's an amazingly talented designer and every so often, our social media paths cross. I am not cool enough to be friends with her, otherwise :). No sour grapes, I can admit to going to a Barry Manilow concert and knowing all the words. 

When I saw this image, I wanted to know more about the tile and why my toes don't look that cute in red polish? The tile was from Fireclay Tile and short toes are probably the answer to the polish question. 

Clicking over to Fireclay Tile's IG account led me to this.....

Meg Braff Design | David Land Photographer | 

Meg Braff Design  |  David Land Photographer  |  Coastal Living Hamptons Showhouse

A few of you may remember how I adore Meg Braff. She inspired me to paint these mirrors a lovely shade of turquoise-blue. When I saw that she used the Fireclay tiles in her showhouse design, I had to know more. 

And that led to this....

What? Custom color? More clicking....and on the company site you can create your own custom tile! I don't have time to give you a step-by-step demo, heaven knows this post has gone on long enough. But, I did make a graphic so you can see some of the endless possibilities. 

Do you love this? I have been looking for the perfect color tile for my second bathroom for over a year. OK, so I wasn't looking endlessly, but I have been on the lookout. Same thing. Anyway, I think I may have to try this. 

And for all of you Barry Manilow fans "Looks like we made it"!

DIYLinda W