Hello......and some house updates

I remember you.....and hopefully, you remember me. I have been a complete mess with too many commitments, back to school, and an endless renovation project.

I know I promised you wood tile updates, and so much more. I'm just going to show you what it looks like today. ...this is real time.

White kitchen cabinets are going in. 

I love this Minka Aire ceiling fan. It works with my California beach house.

Do you remember how crazy I was about finding the perfect wood tile? This is the real wood floor I was trying to match. 

And here is my very dusty, dirty...not even completely grouted...wood tile floor. 

A closer look

The company is called Magnolia, and the color is Fir....you're welcome!

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Lastly, how about the asymmetrical ceilings? I'm glad I went with my gut on this one. 

Thank you for sending the emails and leaving comments. I have read every one of them. I'm sorry I have not been able to get back to some of you...but I'm a little busy at the moment :). 

Oh, and the decision is pulls. I'll try to get back to you soon. Thanks for reading. 


Knobs or Pulls?

Another decision.....

I really like the simplicity of small knobs. 

Wettling Architects

The pretty sparkle of glass.

Nest Architectural Design

Anita Clark

And then there's the function and statement of the pull.

Elevation Home Builders

Architectural and industrial.

Blackstone Cabinetry

Sleek and interesting. 


Which style would you select?


Wood, White & Marble

Indigo & Ochre Designs
Cave Interiors
Horizon Habitats
I wasn't planning on finishing my powder room, prior to moving in. It felt like one more decision I would want to obsess over, slowly and endlessly, until I knew I had seen every possible combination of wood, white, and marble. Unfortunately, I just found out that I can't get a CO (Certificate of Occupancy) on my home without a sink in the small bath. 

I am under pressure to make a decision on a powder room vanity. 





Do you have a favorite vanity? I would love a second opinion. 

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