Restaurant App | Thanksgiving Planning & Centerpiece

Are you familiar with the app Urbanspoon? It's the perfect answer to the question, 'where do you want to eat?" You can search for restaurants by cuisine, location, price, etc. I used it last weekend when my husband and I wanted to try a new to us restaurant. I booked our reservation right on the app. We ended up at Pazzo on 5th Ave. The food was delicious. Hopefully, this will be my secret weapon for getting a reservation during 'season'.

And now it's time for my annual Thanksgiving feast planning. This year, I have ordered catering from The Fresh Market. I will still need to make several of my family's favorite side dishes. My version of homemade. 

All I have left to order is a centerpiece. I really like these two. Which do you like?
Available here
I hope your Thanksgiving travels and meal planning go well. If you can, please drop off some food at your local food bank. Every little bit helps.


Holiday Container Planning

Just a few ideas for your outdoor holiday containers. 

All Images Courtesy of Your Space by Design
It's probably time to start planning...I'm always late. Did you see the OKL sale on greenery? Last year, the items that I wanted, sold out before I got around to placing my order. I really love this wreath! Tis the season, let the clicking begin :).


Naples Real Estate for Me?

I was trying really hard for today to be about our new home. Although we are getting close to some housing news, I am not able to confirm or deny my own gossip about finding a house. The truth is, the seller's son is being a real jerk a worthy adversary in our negotiations. It is taking more than a village to make this happen. It is taking the best team in real estate

I thought I would share with you some pictures of a stunning beach house that I can't afford. It's always free to look and dream. This home is one of the many listings my real estate agent, Michael Lawler, has on his site. 

A couple of months ago, I decided to take my own advice, and work with the number one agent in the area. You may remember when I featured this property, or a different version of this one.

I approached Michael and his team to take me on as a client. Can you imagine how I came across in person after unsuccessfully hunting for real estate in Naples for over a year? Not to mention the fact that they sell luxury real estate....and , well....I was trying really hard to find one level above a teardown property. Did I mention I was also trying to get on a GREAT street? Oh, and I could quote sale prices based on square footage value for every home I rejected. I was fun. 

Maybe he was too afraid to say "no"? From the moment I became a client, things started happening, fast. The very first home he showed me, became a strong contender. Unfortunately, that one was too much of a project. 

I worked closely with everyone on his team. They were amazing, heard what I was saying, and kept going....until. I almost settled on a property that was not where I really wanted to live. After visiting it three times, I just couldn't do it. The next day, a home on one of my favorite streets, came on the market. We were all over it, and within 48 hours, had it locked up. 

Since there are still some issues to be worked out, and it's never really over until closing, I won't be sharing pictures, just yet. 

Now, can we talk about the Charles Edwards lanterns in the photo below?! They remind me of the lanterns in my former dining room......that moved with me! Note to self, design a room and ceiling treatment around two pagoda lanterns

All Images Courtesy of Michael Lawler Real Estate
You can see more of this amazing beach house, here. And if you like looking at this type of real estate eye candy, Michael is now on Instagram! 

Happy Birthday to my Father-In-Law! He would hate it if I told you his age. Love ya!

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