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What are you doing, tomorrow? Do you live in the area? I will be listening to Dean Farris giving a talk, entitled "Florida Luxury, The Pampered Guest".

I have been reading Dean's blog for quite some time. He was recommended to me by my friend, Home Before Dark (she has a real name, but does not want to go prime time with it). Dean has an impressive body of work as well as a great sense of humor. 

Thank you to everyone who pushed encouraged me to start a letter writing campaign for my house hunting quest. I have only been out twice, and already received 4 phone calls. 

One was way out of my price range, one was completely unrealistic with his price (and he knows it), one was from a couple who flips homes (and kept calling me, Lori), and one was from a lovely woman who may possibly be a great ally in my search. Taking action feels better than waiting around. 

If you want to see a new home listing in New Jersey, it looks like Teresa & Joe have their home on the market



And of course I was not shocked to read that a television pilot called Elite Housewives of Naples is currently being shot around town. 

Naples Daily News
Isn't everyday life fun?

    or Lori

Hollywood Hills Real Estate

Look what I stumbled upon..this stunner of a Hollywood Hills home. It's for sale and guess who's selling it?

All images courtesy of Berlyn Photography | Designer Brett Barrett

Remember this guy?

Chad Rogers from Million Dollar Listing, LA.

If you would like to see more of this home you can visit Chad's Blog....yes, everyone has a blog! 


Looking Up

Thank you so much for all of your encouragement on my house hunting situation. I promise to keep you posted. One thing is for sure, I have plenty of time to obsess think about architectural details and ceiling treatments are always a favorite of mine. 

Ed Ritger Photography
dlc corp
Julians Interiors
Halsma Design
I definitely want to be looking up in my next home. Do you have a favorite ceiling treatment?

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