Knobs or Pulls?

Another decision.....

I really like the simplicity of small knobs. 

Wettling Architects

The pretty sparkle of glass.

Nest Architectural Design

Anita Clark

And then there's the function and statement of the pull.

Elevation Home Builders

Architectural and industrial.

Blackstone Cabinetry

Sleek and interesting. 


Which style would you select?


Wood, White & Marble

Indigo & Ochre Designs
Cave Interiors
Horizon Habitats
I wasn't planning on finishing my powder room, prior to moving in. It felt like one more decision I would want to obsess over, slowly and endlessly, until I knew I had seen every possible combination of wood, white, and marble. Unfortunately, I just found out that I can't get a CO (Certificate of Occupancy) on my home without a sink in the small bath. 

I am under pressure to make a decision on a powder room vanity. 





Do you have a favorite vanity? I would love a second opinion. 


Home Renovation Sources - Naples, FL

Happy holiday weekend. I'm sure most of you are out and about and I will be soon, too. It has been great to learn, through emails, that many of you live in or visit the Naples area! 

I wanted to share my home renovation resources with you. These companies have provided me with excellent customer service, and I would definitely do business with them, again. 

Pool Company: Jeff Wilson Pool Service - By far, the most honest pool company in this area. For the record, they were the fourth company to come out and see my 1, never sent the 2, thought they were building a new pool (or at least we could have on that quote) 3, tried to sell me equipment I did not need. 

Kitchen Cabinets: Smart Buy Kitchens - Ask for Jack or Jason, and tell them I sent you. They are fed up with me :). All joking aside, their prices are excellent and their service is fantastic. They never rush you and keep designing...until. If you happen to be there through lunch time, they will treat you to one of those green passion smoothies from Panera. Dollar averaging, that's an expensive drink ;).

Quartzite/Marble/Granite Slabs: - Davinci Granite - Ask for Marco. Searching for the perfect stone was like binge watching House of Cards......I just couldn't stop until it was over. Marco and I drove to several undercover non-retail stone yards. Interacting with the cast of characters at each yard reminded me of New Jersey. 

Tile - I purchased tile from multiple sources. I could write a book about the process of how tile is imported into Florida and channels through the customs department in Miami. This process can take up to ten weeks. Start the tile search, early. 

Naples Tile - Ask for Melony. Excellent source for floor tile.

Angela's Marble & Tile - Ask for Olga. A great place to source tile you found online. Olga is a machine at locating your tile and dealing with the Miami brokers. 

De Marco Tile Distributor - Ask for Stuart. He definitely hates me, and I did buy tile from him. Apparently, you are not supposed to request a shipment quote directly from the Italian salesmen, that are representing the line you are interested in, while they are making a sales call to the store. Who knew?

Tile Outlets of America - Huge selection and excellent prices. Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time walking up and down each isle. There is a lot to see. 

I hope you find these sources helpful. I'll update this list, as I go...or when I remember. 

See you at Starbucks in Waterside

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