Field Trip - Arhaus

Hello March! Hang in there my cold weather friends, winter really is almost over. And if you live in Boston, I'm sorry...but congratulations on breaking your all time snowfall record?!

On Saturday, I decided to take a break from the overwhelming world of cabinet shopping and tile decisions. It's funny how you think you know exactly what you want...and then, you just can't make the commitment....or at least, I can't. You too?

I have driven by the Arhaus store in Naples, dozens of times. Don't you love the glass atrium look? 

You know I love a good planter, and these are quite stunning. 

The store is filled with one of a kind objects collected from around the globe. 

There are also manufactured pieces that meet their high standards of natural hardwoods and organic cotton. Can you tell that I spoke with the friendly salespeople? It's February, in Florida...everyone is sooo happy.

I knew I should not have gone in....I want this table, and I don't even know where my walls will end up. Can you hear it? It's whispering....put your feet up.

This one is for all the chandy lovers.

And for all the chair lovers

This would be the chair that everyone would fight over to sit in... it is so comfortable. I might come back for a pair of these. 

It wasn't my intention to show you all the photos I took...but I couldn't leave out the outdoor furniture. Believe it or not, even with the snow, now is the time for patio planning. 

If you live in Florida, the new Sarasota store will be having a grand opening party this month. I heard they will be giving away some prizes, or food....or both? I guess you can check with the store to find out the details. 

Are you familiar with this Arhaus?

In case you are wondering, I did not receive anything for this post. I just wanted to share.


Here's the Plan

I just received the revised floorplan my architect created, and I can't wait to share it with you.

First, here is the before. You can see how the current kitchen location blocks the flow of the home. The study has an awkward entrance through the master bedroom, few strange angular walls, and no powder room. 

Here is the plan. The laundry room moved, and made way for the kitchen. The dining room was eliminated, completely. A powder room was added, and the entrance to the study was reconfigured. The angles were squared off, and the master bedroom square footage was evenly distributed into something that made more sense. 

I love this plan. It's exactly how I envisioned living in this home....only, I didn't know it. I wonder what will change when the reality of cost comes into play?


Stofft Cooney Architects

It is no secret around here, that I love architecture. I could look at homes, structure and design....all day long. It's always about the details. I have also shared with you my obsession with architects

Stofft Cooney Architects is one of my favorite firms. They are the best (in my opinion) in the state of Florida, and probably beyond. 

I love a good ceiling treatment. 

All images courtesy of Stofft Cooney Architects

I am so fortunate to have them consult with me on my little...itty, bitty, tiny....project. I'm not sure how it happened; well I do know, I asked my real estate agent to introduce me to them. I was probably a bit insistent on it. Some might use the word 'pushy', although 'persuasive' is my favorite. 

Anyway, please keep your expectations to a minimum because my entire home would fit into one of these spaces. 

More to come, soon. 

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