Happy Thanksgiving Week

Well hello! I know we have so much to get caught up on. My home is still sllllooooooowly coming along. A crazy thing happened during our renovations, I had some sort of life-altering reality check.

My daughter is a senior in high school and my son is a freshman at the same school. She is working her way through the college application process (it makes the ORC look like playtime in the sandbox) and he doesn't want to hang out with mom. And then it hit me, how do I want to spend my time when I am not catering to their every demand assisting them through their teen years?

What was my passion?....other than design, the One Room Challenge™, and this site :).

So I decided to get a degree in real estate stalking. Yup! The state of Florida has deemed me qualified to sell real estate. During the last two months I have been working on the One Room Challenge™, coordinating electricians, painters, and everyone else who wanted a piece of this home project, working a day job (did I mention that I had a day job? We really do need to get caught up), and going to real estate school on the weekends. Whew!

I'll tell you all about my plans in a future post, but for now, let the shopping begin. I'm also working on renovating this site. It is long overdue for a fresh new look. 


My sincerest wishes to you and your family for a healthy and happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all of you checking in on me with your comments and emails. I will be spending the remainder of this week going through all of the One Room Challenge™ Guest Participants. I have been reading each and every post. Come by over the long weekend, and take a look. One of them has already been featured in House Beautiful

Oh, and if you can, please consider dropping something off to your local food bank. 


One Room Challenge™ Guest Participants, Fall 2015, Week 6

Just six short weeks ago, 177 people jumped into the One Room Challenge™. There is so much talent in these rooms, please take the time to visit and share your comments with them. If you participated, I hope you had a great time. If you did not jump in this round, you may want to consider joining up in the spring. 

Before you link up, please read this: Only link rooms dedicated to the One Room Challenge Event. We are all here to support on another in crossing the six week finish line. Please make sure to put a link back to this page in your post. That way, everyone can benefit from the encouragement, support, and recognition from one another. 

I plan on visiting each and every room. I hope you will, too. 



One Room Challenge™ Fall 2015, Week 6

Thank you for checking in week after week and watching these rooms unfold. I am so grateful that these twenty design bloggers agreed to participate in the One Room Challenge™. I hope you have enjoyed following along. Now let's go see how it all turned out.....

The ORC designers are so fortunate to have the option to include gorgeous products in their spaces from the following sponsors:

Bassett Mirror Company
Arianna Belle

Please come back tomorrow to see the 177 other rooms revealed. 

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