A Courtyard Entrance

Michael Laurenzo Photography
Over the weekend, I took my husband to see a house that I had visited once before (not this house). The home has a long narrow-ish approach. Of course, I started doing what I always do in my mind.... I started thinking about all of the changes I would want to make. 

Siemasko + Verbridge
The list starts small and modest....paint, wallpaper removal, minor architectural details....etc. It quickly escalates to gutting the kitchen and baths. And what about the curb appeal? I think the home needs a courtyard entrance. 

Jon Luce
An entrance that would create a bit of mystery while inviting you to venture onward. 

Zaremba & Company

Overmyer Architects
I would love to have guests greeted with welcoming outdoor lighting and seating. Maybe a Buddha....Namaste!

GM Construction
My husband loved the house, while I am still undecided. After all, the list in my head is long :).


One Room Challenge Linking Event, Round 3, Week 3

Three words.....hang in there! This is the halfway point, and you can do this. It is so fun to see all the progress on Instagram, #oneroomchallenge. Everyone is so talented, and finishing is the reward. 

Before you link up, please read this:  Only link rooms dedicated to the One Room Challenge Linking Event. We are all here to support one another in crossing the six week finish line. Please make sure to put a link back to this page in your post. That way, everyone can benefit from the encouragement, support, and recognition. 

Here we come......


One Room Challenge, Week 3

It's week three of the One Room Challenge. This is a really tough week because it is the halfway point. By now, from my own experience, everyone is probably deciding on what can realistically get accomplished within the next two weeks. That would leave the final week for styling and photographing the room. 

Let's go see how they are doing. 


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Thank you ORC Sponsors:

And don't forget about the Linking Participants that will be showing off their progress, tomorrow. If you have not had a chance to visit them, you can do so here. I have check in with each one of them, and you will not believe what is going on! For live updates go to #oneroomchallenge on Instagram

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