One Room Challenge™, Spring 2015, Week 6

Hello, and welcome back to the final week of the Spring 2015 One Room Challenge™. Four years ago, I had this crazy idea, and today I am thrilled to share that there have been over 500 room transformations as a result of this event. The excitement and enthusiasm that surrounds this event is fantastic. Now let's go see the finished rooms. 

I can't stand the suspense.... 

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Don't forget to come back tomorrow for an equally impressive display of room transformations. 



House Update

Happy May! By now, everyone should be having spectacular weather. May is a great time to be in Naples. All of the snowbirds are heading home, traffic is light, and you don't need restaurant reservations on a Saturday night.

Things are moving very slowly on my home renovation project. I need to have our window replacement plan approved by an engineer before we can move forward. Florida has a law about replacing more than 25% of your windows....don't quote me...but they need to have impact resistant glass, or hurricane shutters installed over them. I will be installing impact resistant glass windows. I weighted the convenience of not having to apply the shutters ever time there was a need with the fact that nobody in this house would actually do it. Decision made.

Another decision that needs to be made is the wall tile combination for the kids bathroom. I can't decide between beveled subway or flat subway?


I think this will be my new (to me) kitchen/dining table. I found it in Palm Beach and am smitten with it. 

I need permission from the homeowners' association that resides over the furniture in this soon-to-be renovated party room. I hope they say yes. 

I'm off to hunt for countertops. I think I'm leaning toward quartzite. Of course that's subject to change like everything else around here. 

One Room Challenge™ Linking Event, Spring 2015, Week 5

Welcome back to week five of the One Room Challenge™. This is where everyone taking the challenge will be linking up and sharing their progress. If you are taking the challenge, please take a moment to read this:

I know how hard you have worked on your room. The best advice I can give you, is to find a way to have great pictures. Great pictures make an average space look good, and a great space look amazing. If you can't take great photos, find a friend....or teenager with an iPhone. 
Before you link up, please read this: Only link rooms dedicated to the One Room Challenge Linking Event. We are all here to support each other in crossing the six week finish line. You will not be able to link up until you have a link back in your post. That way, everyone can benefit from the encouragement, support, and recognition from one another.

Off we go.....
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