Rug Layers

Is it Monday, already? It feels like the weekends are flying by. I know many of you are on Spring Break, but we are late to that party. My kids are not off of school until late April, and we lost a few of the days due to the excessive snow days. 

Of course that gives me more time to poke around online. Although I have no idea where I will be living six months from now, I may need to gamble and pick up one of these beautiful Flat Weave rugs. The prices are fantastic.

I want to have them all over my home.....inside and out.

Bayberry Cottage
Marcelo Brito & Pedro Potaris
Amber Interiors
Coastal living


Alright, let's hit the week hard and get a lot accomplished....or not. 

Here's some fun news, many of your favorite bloggers may be posting the One Room Challenge List of Participants. I hope you join in on the fun