One Room Challenge Review

Wow, it is so nice to read about all of the excitement and anticipation for the One Room Challenge. I have received quite a few emails, so I would like to give a quick review for anyone who may be joining in for the first time. 

Let's start with the logo. The purpose of the logo is to help guide the readers to your room. Many people will come by and visit you on a day when your room may not be on your front page. You can place this logo on your sidebar (treat it like an image) and link it to your post, then readers can click on it and get directed to your room. Each week you can edit your original post to include updates. Here is an example

Just copy it and place this on your blog. I'm keeping it small so you won't have to resize it. 

You have six weeks to finish your room. We want to see your progress and encourage you along. Here is the posting schedule and a suggested guideline of posting topics to help keep you on track.

April 3 - Introduce your room and tell us your plan.

April 10 - What did you accomplish or learn?

April 17 - Did you score any amazing finds or have a cool DIY you                            want to share?

April 24 - Are you still on track? Did you modify your plans? Week                            4 is hard!

May 1 - How's it going? Are you happy with your choices? Hang in                            there.

May 8You made it. Even if you are not totally finished, you are                                further than you were six weeks ago.

Did you notice that you actually have two more weeks before you need to start showing some results? You can do this!

I hope to see all of your rooms on Thursday, April 3rd. Now go tell your friends because it really is more fun when you have people encouraging you. 

In other news, Albertina is being featured on Polyvore for Project Decorate. You can enter her contest, here