Spray Painting Safety

I was working in the garage this weekend in between coats of spray painting outside.   
As I was moving back and forth between projects, I was reflecting on a few emails I have received regarding painting techniques. 

I am always happy to help a fellow DIYer out. In general, it's a light sanding, prime, and several coats of paint that gives the best finish. 

I am NEVER asked about spray painting safety.

I am concerned that many of you are wearing this for protection
This is a dust mask and does not offer any protection against harmful fumes.
I wear this when I am cutting wood or lightly sanding something.

I know I have shown you the mask I wear for spray painting, 
but I have never stressed the importance of it.

This is the exact mask I wear EACH AND EVERY TIME I spray paint. 

The warning on the side of the paint can is there for a reason.

This mask has changeable filters designed for paint fumes. I like to have extra filters on hand

You can purchase these masks in many hardware stores. The price can vary greatly, so if you buy it online (the best price) make sure you get free shipping....we can have safety and a bargain, too.

Want to know how serious I am about this.....check out the comment I left for Cathy when I saw her husband spray painting without a mask
I want everyone to be safe...and then crafty!

Decades from now we probably won't be blogging, although I might want to make changes to the Senior Center I will be frequenting.  
And hopefully we will all have our health.

Do you wear a good mask?