Are You a No-Reply Blogger?

I need to thank my friend, Pam @ Simple Details for this one.  As you probably know, I visit a lot of blogs. I try to leave comments to let the blogger know that I was there. And sometimes, I want an answer to a question about the post.

Well, it has been really quiet in the response department. Thankfully, Pam sent me a separate email telling me that I am coming up as "no-reply".  This was particularly strange, because I did not change my settings at all. Pam thought she had read something about it happening to people who joined google+. 
A couple of frustrating days later, and I found this post from Lisette @ Northern Belle Diaries. After following the steps....I am no longer a "no-reply" blogger. I tested it myself to make sure. 

I apologize to anyone who has replied to me and wondered why I hadn't commented back...when appropriate. 

Not sure if this applies to you? Go into your profile and check for this

Northern Belle Diaries
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