Easiest Plant....Ever

Hi friends, welcome back to my Lowe's Sponsored Challenge.  If you recall from yesterday's tray makeover post, I am working on a Migrating Garden. 

I mentioned that indoor plants don't like me. Here are my thoughts on that;

Plants are just like men....we want to live with the ones that want to live with us!
Allow me to introduce you to the only plant species I have never killed...


For those of you who are already in love with succulents, just enjoy the pictures. For those of you who have always wanted to plant one in your home.....as the guy on that tv show says, 
"Let's Do It, People".

First, let me tell you a few reasons why I love succulents.

They have an architectural quality about them

They have a free flowing form

They have a wonderful variation in color (coral edged)

They look like my hair when it's humid

They come in lovely shades of blue-gray

AND....some of them bloom

Without going into the great debate on weather or not this is a cactus....I will tell you that they love dry soil. 

If you are anything like me, can you fit a plant watering schedule into your life? I can't.....so when you look at your succulent and think..."when was the last time I watered that thing"....you know it's time.
Container round-up time!

 Here is the fun part....go around your home and pick things that you would like to put a plant in. I decided to have two groupings.

The white container group

The blue & white group

One last thing on the supply list...this soil mix

Now go round up your supplies and tomorrow while the cookies are burning baking we will plant them up together. They make great teacher's gifts.

If you are feeling really ambitious, you can go over to the Lowe's Creative Ideas page and learn how to make this container.

DIY Cement Container Tutorial
I also have a Pinterest board for Container Gardening.

See you tomorrow!

Update - Here is the planting tutorial