A Plant for Every Room

Hi Friends, are any of you planting along with me today? No worries if you're not....this post will be waiting for you when you are ready. Here are the final steps for the Lowe's Sponsored Challenge.....Migrating Garden. With all my plants, containers and soil ready....let the planting begin. 

Matching the right plant to the right container can get really frustrating at times. The easiest way for me is to actually hold the plant in the container. It's like trying on a dress, and just like a dress...it looks better when it is not too tight.

Once you have decided that you like the scale and fit of the plant, remove it from the plastic container

Sometimes succulents naturally break apart when you remove them from the original container. This is another example of why I love succulents...a free plant!

I like to use the plastic container as a scoop for the soil. Fill your new container with soil

Make a well for your new plant

Put your plant in place and gently add more soil if needed. Be sure to lightly press down on the soil all around your plant

Dust off the dirt...I like to use a paint brush

Now that wasn't hard. Trust me, this is not beyond your abilities! 

A little more difficult, but still totally doable....is the arrangement of multiple plants. For this one, I like to start with the largest plant first

Then step it down a size

And gently tuck in the smallest plant last

Sometimes, when you remove the plant from the original container ,the roots are tightly bound. Before you replant gently separate the roots.

Once the roots are separated, you can see if you like the fit for your container

It really is that easy. Now for the fun part...travel around your home and find places for your Migrating Garden.

White container grouping...no tray

With a tray

DIY Tray Tutorial
The succulent arrangement

The blue & white grouping

With a plain bottom tray...that a few of you thought should be the third option (I totally agree and am glad you suggested it)

Can you spot the free plant that separated earlier?

Now if this wouldn't make the sweetest hostess or teacher's gift...I don't know what would.

I hope you give indoor gardening a try. I read some study once that said "gardeners live longer". I have no idea if it is true, but if it is...I think this would count!

If you haven't already grabbed your free subscription to some of the many Lowe's magazines...you can do that here. 

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Happy baking, wrapping, or shopping...enjoy the moment whatever it is.