Globes fashion! A jewelry preview...Video Sunday

I love the Golden Globes. I am expecting it to be hilarious with these two hosing it

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

Here is a sneak peak at some of the jewelry that will be worn 

Did you have a favorite piece? I liked the opal.

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  1. So excited to watch Tina and Amy tonight! They are going to kill it. Love me some award show fashion. And those jewels!!

  2. I didn't know they are hosting! OMG I have to record it as I can't stand to watch anything real time. 30 Rock is such a favorite at our house. We're in mourning that it's the last season : (

  3. Wow - tough TV decisions tonight(and I don't usually even watch TV) - I have to choose between Downton Abbey, the Girls premier AND the Golden Globes with Tina and Amy? I LOVE movies and have seen most of the nominees. Thank goodness for DVRs!! I love all the emerald pieces.

    Have a wonderful Sunday, Elizabeth!! xoxoxo

  4. Tina and Amy are doing an amazing job tonight!!!

  5. OOOhhh, I'm loving the emeralds and the sapphire earrings were my fave!
    Just finished watching the globes and Tina and Amy did a terrific job. I am so Happy for LES MIS, my fave movie at the moment, love Anne Hathaway's Chanel dress and also Kristen Wiig's black ensemble!!! Can't wait to see the Oscars!!!

  6. OH MY GOD Linda Love me some award show fashion. And those jewels!!

  7. Those two were perfect hostesses!! I actually wanted to see a little more of them as opposed to some of the strange speeches!! xo

    1. I need to Google the speeches and see what people are talking about.

  8. I didn't watch the show but oh boy, I love Tina's gorgeous dress!



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