Jem Fabric Warehouse

A few days ago, I told you about my trip to the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. You may remember that after that, I went over to Mood Fabrics. Well, before I left the city, I decided to make one more stop. I wanted to go to Jem Fabric Warehouse...the one Jenny's always talking about

Jem is not walking distance from Mood, so I did need to drive there.

It is definitely a place where you would hunt for the perfect trim

Rolls of fabric are mixed among the trims

Braids, cords, gimp and tassels are intermingled.

Vintage cases hold stacks of possibility

There is a small section of African it!

A display of all the various patterns

I was just about to check out, when I asked if they had home fabrics. Good thing I asked, they are downstairs. The selection of fabrics is not as large as Mood, but the prices are much less, and they have a decent selection.

I didn't buy any fabric, but I did buy some trim. 

They coordinate with the fabrics that I purchased.

After all this, there is one other fabric store I would like to explore on another day

Wonder if Jill will be there?

Please do me a favor.....If you earned a "free frozen turkey" from one of the many markets participating in a Holiday Points don't think you will use that turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner.....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE....give that turkey to a local food drive, or a Food Bank.

DON'T let it go unused. 

I earned 2 from two different markets, and will be donating both.


  1. Looks like fun. I would not have left without that yellow Chinoiserie trim on the bottom right of one of your photos.

  2. Aren't days in the city fun? I went in yesterday to the Holiday House and shopped and had lunch with a dear friend - I just don't do enough of that!

    Wonderful idea about donating the turkeys!

    Enjoy your day!!

  3. It's like the TJMaxx of fabric stores - lots of digging. But so much good stuff! I need that black, white and blue trim in the middle please thank you very much. Damn, I need to go to New York. I'd totally go to Zarin Fabrics with you!

  4. love all the trim!! you sure had one busy day!

  5. What fun ~ I saw some fabrics I would have brought home!

  6. i need to make a fabric run with u one day!!! - i agree GIVE - don't be greedy!

    ps = pass along : GIVEAWAY going on @ my blog: ~Handmade Necklace w/ a Cause ~ it’s perfect for the holidays!

  7. You have me craving a trip to a fabric store, Linda! Jem looks interesting but I think I would get totally overwhelmed. Looks like they have some great upholstery fabric though!

    I am actually off to work at the food drive at my son's school…great idea about the free turkeys!

  8. Linda Looks like fun. !!! enyoy you day!!!

  9. That place looks like a hot mess. My kind of treasure hunt! I could spend hours in there, but unless I went with a plan, may not have left with much either. Ive got to stop just picking things up unless I have a need/plan/the space for it!
    Love your trims.
    xo Nancy

  10. Love the trims you chose - but I am also gushin over the greek-key trim inside that vintage case! Cant' wait to see what you'll come up with!

    As for the turkey, never knew I could get a free one, if I did I would donate since we don't eat much turkey and I already ordered one for Thanksgiving. A lot to be thankful for this coming Thanksgiving right? Hope all the trouble Sandy caused won't dampen your holidays with the family!

  11. I spy some awesome trim in those piles!!! What a great place to go hunting. Please go visit Jill's spot too - I want the full scoop! :)

  12. Oh the possibilities in that shop! The colors and fabrics, I could get lost in there. We have nothing of the sort here, I am so jealous.

  13. I had a totally different experience. I had questions about prices since things weren't really marked but the people there were too busy being hipsters in the couches in the middle to help so I never bought anything. I think they had just recently moved there since when I went downstairs I felt like I was intruding in the stockroom. All the fabric was just stacked against the wall to the right about 6 rolls deep.

    It's good they made it a bit better since then, but I'd only go back if I had lots of patience. I do love the trims you found. :)


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