HGTV Dream Home [DIY Style]

Were you one of the many millions who watched the HGTV Dream Home 2012? I missed the actual broadcast, but thankfully it will run endlessly throughout the week. I did manage to watch some of the on-line clips. I also scoured the photo's on the HGTV site. I love the architecture.

I thought it would be fun to review the home as "potential DIY projects". Here is my take on all the ideas that could be replicated.

Starting in the great-room; I am a huge fan of ceiling treatments and this board and batten would not be too difficult

framing four large squares of fabric for a grouping

clustering square coffee tables together to make a large custom size one

adding coffee beans around candles

Line a hallway with lanterns and electric candles. I think this would look great as mis-matched ones as well

Add hooks into the bathroom design

Customize a simple framed mirror

by adding nailheads

Make a custom pet bed

Make candle holders from architectural objects

Paint an American Flag on wood. This would be great using pallet boards!

I think that is enough pinterest projects for now. Did you have a favorite? Would you ever replicate any of them?


  1. So beautiful and different! Thanks for pointing it out - I didn't catch this when it aired!

  2. lovely photos! I need to watch this!

  3. I missed the episode:( A lot of great ideas for projects though!

  4. Oh my I didn't see this ... where have I been??? But these DIY projects you pointed out are terrific. I think I like your version of the show best!!

  5. I love Park City and this house would suit just fine! I guess I need to enter!

  6. I missed it too :( Holidays were hectic. I did manage to record the new season of Sarah's House which I also missed. geesh. So at least I can console myself with her and Tommy's witty banter for the next few days. As for the dream house....The Pet Bed is to die for and I love the Beams. I am recommending faux beams on the ceiling of a modern country House I am decorating. As long a no one touches them (the feel weird & fake)I see them as a great looking and inexpensive option for architectural interest in homes that are not quite as grande as this one.


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