Upholstery 101 (week 2) (Day 5 of 31)

Welcome back to my upholstery project. This is also day 5 of the challenge. For a list of all 31 days, go here

Last week, we stripped the chair, this week we will evaluate the sturdiness of the chair

Here are the tools I used this week

Strapping, the kind used to hold down "stuff" (with a clamp attached), wood glue, and blue tape (also a rubber mallet)

This is where we left off

the chair is not sturdy, when I gently rock the frame...it wiggles. Joints are coming undone

You can also see where it needs to be glued

example, the right side looks good

the left side has obvious gaps

Here are my tips for gluing, do what works for you...

I like to put some glue on a piece of foil

using an old brush, apply the glue into all of the joints

make sure to apply plenty of glue

this is your chance, go for it

With a damp rag, wipe off the excess glue

Using a rubber mallet, or very gently with a hammer


gently "encourage" the pieces back together

you will know you are successful when excess glue is forced out of the joint

if necessary, use the clamp to hold the joint in place until the glue dries

when replacing broken off pieces, first chip off the old glue

apply glue to the joint

also apply glue to the piece

 make sure the piece has a tight fit squeezing out excess glue, wipe again

using the blue tape, hold the piece in place till dry

repeat the process on all joints needing reinforcement

let dry thoroughly before removing strapping

Tomorrow I will cover springs & strapping.....my chair is still drying, hope to see you then

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  1. Why would I have NEVER thought to use a paintbrush to get glue in joints?? I guess that's why you're the professional! You make it look so simple.


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