What Have I Done?

Well, It seemed like a good idea at the time....I hope I won't regret it.....I hope you will find it interesting? What am I talking about? The 31 Day of Change Challenge(and it's not to late to join in my pain journey....that's what!

I have committed to blogging for 31 days STRAIGHT on one topic! October 1st, that's Saturday for everyone who is as bad with dates as I am... What's my topic? I'm so glad you asked...


I even made my own button. We know that Wednesday's will be easy, I will continue my on-line upholstery class. As for the rest, one day at a time....I guess.

Day 1 The Upholstery Gun
Day 2 Fabric Sources
Day 3 Foam
Day 4 Jute webbing Crafty Projects
Day 5 Making your frame sturdy
Day 6 Tying Springs
Day 7 Under the Springs
Day 8 I Can't do this
Day 9 Uncommon Supplies
Day 10 Crafty Upholstery
Day 11 Inspirational Upholstery
Day 12 Paint the frame
Day 13 Chic painted frames
Day 14 MacKenzie-Childs
Day 15 Plaids
Day 16 Stripes
Day 17 Upholster...Anything!
Day 18 How Much Fabric?
Day 19 Upholstery 101 (week4)
Day 20 Who did it?
Day 21 Go, Dog! Go.
Day 22 Making Piping
Day 23 Let's Nail this down
Day 24 Or, you can do this
Day 25 Just Sit on It
Day 26 Upholstery 101 (week 5)
Day 27 Transportation
Day 28 What's Your Little Secret?
Day 29 Got Paint
Day 30 Technical Difficulties
Day 31 They Entertained Me!

I hope I won't bore you...and please feel free to suggest ANYTHING about upholstery that you would like to know!

On another note...have you ever seen a white deer?

she is actually an albino...and apparently quite rare.

she lives across the street from my home, in the woods.

all her offspring are totaly normal in color. She is a bit crazy, or brave...she just stares at me and waits for me to go back in the house so she can continue eating her way through my garden.


  1. I would love to learn about piping (it's so hard for me!) and how to find great fabrics that aren't super super expensive. I'm SO EXCITED for your topic!!

  2. I am excited to read this series. I know some basics but I give up trying to get fabric around wood chair arms where they attach to the seat and back. I've done several chairs and they look pretty bad.

  3. Insideways, piping is coming. Kerry, I don't know how to do the arms...guess we'll learn together!

  4. Hi Linda, I'm interested in Arms too. I was thinking I need one of those large needles that are arc shaped to do the seam underneath. Also is there a trick to nail heads? I bend 5 or 6 for every one that I successfully tap in.

  5. Hi Nicole, I have the same nail head problem...a quick googling, and they all say to use a rubber mallet instead of hammer? My gut says (I have not tried it yet) to use a very small drill bit and pre-drill. This is not tested, so it's just a thought.

  6. Loved your upholstry challenge. I do have one tip for you and other's when it comes to cutting foam. I worked doing boat cushions for years and we used a simple electric carving knife (the kind you would use for carving turkey) It slices foam like butter and you get a nice smooth edge. : )


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