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Well Hello! It’s nice to connect over the hot, Florida, summer. Summer feels like a time when life slows down a bit, in theory, and families spend more time just hanging out. That’s not the case at my house, but I hope it is at yours. Over here, my to-do list grows with the expectation longer days are my friend. She’s a ‘temporary’ friend who will be leaving soon and in light of her impending departure, I’ve felt obligated to spend chunks of time with (said) friend binge-watching shows, eBay shopping, and the occasional trip to the supermarket. It’s been great!

Now that August has arrived I’m ready to reconnect with my home (and the people who live in it) while I plan for some upcoming room transformations. With a unanimous vote of one (me) the declaration of my master bedroom as my next project was overwhelmingly approved. I’m even considering jumping into the One Room Challenge™ as a Guest Participant for the motivation to make this happen this year. And that is why I’ve been shopping on eBay!


First up – Rugs!

I’ve been shopping for rugs on eBay for over a decade. It’s my number one source for one-of-a-kind vintage rugs! My current vintage rug collection consists of bright, vibrant, ‘notice me’ reds and blues.

calling it home handmade rugs knotted persian one of a kind ebay shopping.png

 My bedroom is long with an ideal rug size of 9 x 13. In addition to the uncommon size, I wanted muted tones to blend with the floor providing me the flexibility to use vibrant colors in the bedding or furniture. Here are some of the rugs I considered in my search.

Large vintage rugs cih.png

(1) | (2) | (3) | (4) | (5) | (6)


This is the gorgeous rug I purchased. It’s so pretty in person with touches of rose, cream, pale grays and hints olive green. finding a 9 x 13 size was a stroke of luck, and by luck I mean a few hours devoted to eBay hunting. Time. Well. Spent.

vintage ebay rug antique one of a kind knotted .png

 I’ll keep you posted on the bedroom progress as it unfolds. And now back to reconnecting with the family. We are jigsaw puzzle addicts. No lie, if there’s a jigsaw puzzle open we feel compelled to complete it in record speed. Will we build the same puzzle twice? Highly unlikely, what’s the point we’ve conquered that beast. Here are a few of the challenge puzzles we’ve built or are anxiously awaiting the challenge..

Challenging Jigsaw puzzles.png

(1) | (2) | (3) | (4) | (5) | (6}


 I feel like I just completed my back to school essay – How I Spent My Summer Vacation!

Happy hunting friends.

Linda W