One Room Challenge™ Guest Participants, Week 5

Ok, you need to listen to me. We are at week 5....week 5! Some people like to think (and I let them) that I sit back and watch all of this unfold. NOT. SO. Behind the scenes, I give lots of advice, tips and strategies to be successful at the One Room Challenge™. Let me give you the most important piece of advice.....

It's all about the pictures!

I wish it wasn't that way, but it is. Get over it. Snap out of it. And show up! Show up next week with the best photos you have ever had on your site. We all know someone with a fancy camera and some photo-enhancing skills. Maybe it's you? If not, get that person to help you. 


I'm so glad you asked :). Because in this visually stimulating world of ours, you only have one chance to make that lasting impression. Believe me when I tell you that thousands of people will be coming by to see your final reveals. Some of them will be in the position to feature your room. 

You got this!

A quick reminder of the exclusive ORC discount courtesy of, one of the fabulous sponsors that make all of this possible, only available to One Room Challenge viewers.



And now, The Rules:

1. Only link up rooms dedicated to the One Room Challenge. The purpose of this event is to support one another in finishing a room. 

2. Your post should include information about your space and a link back to the ORC link-up page so the readers can easily navigate through the other rooms. 

3. Please be respectful of this interior design event and only have links that relate to your One Room Challenge space. Guiding the viewers away from this event is not in the spirit of the ORC and won't be permitted. 

Remember to tag @oneroomchallenge & @housebeautiful on Instagram.

Linda W