One Room Challenge™ Guest Participants, Week 4

All I can say is...


Week four of the One Room Challenge is the toughest week. I understand and I've been there five times. This is the time when you need to prioritize the projects and work smart. The good news is that you are sooo much further along. 

How about an e-tail therapy break?, one of the fabulous sponsors that make all of this possible, want One Room Challenge watchers to have 

$100 off your total of $199 or more. 

Use CODE OneRoom100

It's never too early to spruce up your home with a new piece of...something :). A quick reminder to put the name OF YOUR BLOG in the title. This will help them follow your progress. Also, please put your room type (Living Room, Powder Room, etc...) in the box so categories can be referenced.

And now, The Rules:

1. Only link up rooms dedicated to the One Room Challenge. The purpose of this event is to support one another in finishing a room. 

2. Your post should include information about your space and a link back to the ORC link-up page so the readers can easily navigate through the other rooms. 

3. Please be respectful of this interior design event and only have links that relate to your One Room Challenge space. Guiding the viewers away from this event is not in the spirit of the ORC and won't be permitted. 

I am visiting and going through so many rooms, but I have not had time to comment on most. It's all so incredible. Let's go see!

Linda W