Mrs. Doubtfire House - Pacific Heights - For Sale

I have been granted permission to use these images. You may pin them, but please do not use them without consent. Photo credit Vince Valdes Photography. Full listing details Steven Gothelf.

Long time readers may remember that we lived in the Bay Area for seven years. It is still one of my favorite cities to visit. I love it so much, I am constantly perusing through SFGATE. Mostly dreaming. Several weeks ago, there was an article about the iconic Mrs. Doubtfire home coming to market

The Victorian home is well known in the Pacific Heights area. You can easily find it by asking people on the street. I imagine you would need to take this into consideration if you intend to purchase the home. 

I found the interior decor exceptionally appealing. I would love to know more about the designer. 

Can you imagine starting and ending your day with this view. I can smell the sourdough bread and chocolate. 

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A special thanks to Steven Gothelf for allowing me to use these images. If you purchase the home, please let him know I sent you :).

Linda W