One Room Challenge™ Fall 2015

It's One Room Challenge™ time!

Do you have an unfinished room? Are you looking for inspiration? Are you lacking motivation? Well then, you must join in the fun and be a Guest Participant in the One Room Challenge™. 
Starting on Wednesday, October 7th, twenty design bloggers will transform a space in their home (or the home of a client) from start to finish. Each Week, they will be sharing their process, tips, and sources. All of this will lead up to the final room reveals on Wednesday, November 11th. 

If this sounds like fun and you would like to join in....then be my guest! On Thursday, October 8th, it's the return of the One Room Challenge™ Linking Event. For six crazy Thursday's you can transform a space and everyone will follow your progress. 
Here's how to join:

1. Pick a room to transform/finish/fluff for the One Room Challenge. 
2. You must have a blog to post your progress. 
3. Each week, post your progress.
4. After you post your weekly updates on your site, come by and link up on this site.
5. Final room reveals are Thursday, November 12th. 

You can see lots of examples from the Spring ORC.

It's a whole lot of fun, and you never know who will be watching - 

Grab a logo, tell your friends, and start planning. 

For my regular six readers, I promise I will post more house updates soon. Thanks for the houseplant mom & dad.