One Room Challenge Linking Event, Round 3, Week 5

Um, did this just happen?

Wallpaper & Stencils
I guess that means we're friends, right?

Back  to reality.....week five, people...week five. Please, Please, Please listen to me. If you have NEVER READ MY POSTS, AND ONLY LINK worries, it's cool. But you need to read this one, today. Next Thursday is all about the pictures. For real. You need to take the best pictures possible. Find someone to help you, if you can. Beautiful pictures go far on Pinterest! You have worked so hard....let the pictures show off your pretty spaces.

Before you link up, please read this: Only link rooms dedicated to the One Room Challenge Linking Event. We are all here to support one another in crossing the six week finish line. Please make sure to put a link back to this page in your post. That way, everyone can benefit from the encouragement, support, and recognition. 

Let's go see the players.