One Room Challenge, Week 2

Hello, and welcome back. This is the second week of the One Room Challenge. I am transforming my mudroom into a functional and pretty space. You can start at the beginning, here

This week was all about the wall treatment. I decided to have Joe and Mike fabricate the entire wall while I supervised. Mike doesn't hate me as much as he did before....I think it is because he knows I'm moving. 

The top board is a 1 x 6 made of real wood. The remainder of the treatment is MDF. This board was set at a 60" height.

I had the difference split for the next two horizontal rows of 4.5" wide MDF. The bottom piece is wider to keep the same reveal

I decided that a simple board and batten treatment would be best for the mudroom. Deciding on the vertical spacing took a few tries.....yeah, they are sick of me.

Here is the finished treatment. It was no accident that the electrical outlets were not in the way. 

Of course each corner was not the same :-/ so I just went with what looked right.

I'll do the prep work and then call in my painter, Vinney, to give it a professional finish. Hopefully that will happen this week. Once the room is painted, I plan on having these hooks installed.

Available here
That's all I have this week, now let's go see what everyone else has accomplished. 

Thank you One Room Challenge Sponsors;

And I'll see you back here tomorrow for the Linking Event.