One Room Challenge Linking Info

Is anyone else feeling so much happier now that the days are longer and two degrees warmer? This is my favorite time of the year....not Spring...

One Room Challenge Linking Event Time!

Two weeks from tomorrow is the start of the ORC Linking Event. For six consecutive Wednesday's, nineteen professional Interior Design oriented bloggers (and I) will transform one room from start to finish updating you on our progress. Each Thursday, you can join in on the fun and play along. Two of the linking participants from the last round will be joining the Wednesday group.

How do you join in? It's easy, select a room (it doesn't have to be in your home) and commit to transforming it over the six weeks. Each Thursday, pop over and link up your post so we can follow you with your progress.

If you would like, you can grab the above button and place it on your sidebar. You can link that to your ORC post so whenever anyone comes to visit you, they can easily find your project.

Trust me, this is a whole lot of fun, and even more fun when you bring along a friend. So tell your readers you will be joining in and let your family know that you won't be making dinner for the six weeks.....well at least I probably won't....actually, I hardly do now.

And on another note, here is my most recent room that I have entered into The Pink Pagoda's Project Decorate contest. If you haven't entered yet, you should. You could win a $500 gift certificate to Horchow. This board will not be winning, for sure! Do you recognize the room?
I borrowed most of it, with a few additions and subtractions. My goal was to enter a room-a-day. I didn't say anything about how I would accomplish that. #PolyvorePressure

Will you be joining the One Room Challenge Linking Event?

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