One Room Challenge, Week 1

Welcome to the One Room Challenge (aka #PizzaForDinner). This is a semi-annual event where 20 design oriented bloggers transform a room of their own, from start to finish. For the next six Wednesday's we will be giving you updates on our room progress. 

This time, you can play along with us. Starting tomorrow, you can link up your space and finish it over the next six weeks.....just in time for the Holiday's!

Here are the fabulous blogs participating:

A special thank you to Jennifer for all of the custom graphics.

What room am I working on?

Since we are moving to Florida, I wanted to transform a space that would have a big visual impact when we list our home for sale. I also wanted most of my energy and $$$ invested in things that will move with us.

The obvious choice is our family room.

I finally gave away that huge sectional in my living room. My friend's sister lost everything in Hurricane Sandy. The sectional was in fantastic shape and she really wanted it....done!
I heard she makes her kids wash their hands before they sit on it so it will stay nice and that :).

All of the furniture you are looking at was moved into my living room. It fills that space better than this one. This is a better shot of how the furniture did not fit the space. 

Why no, I don't have any window treatment.

Now that you mention it, I did not hang a chandelier, either....we are keeping it real over here.

On the opposite wall sits our biggest argument in this home. My husband, who has nothing to say about anying in this home..... has a lot to say about this dinosaur of a computer. He refuses to have a conversation about getting rid of it. My son is the only one who uses it.

So last week, I found out that it can be made wireless and I will be relocating it to the basement. Visual problem solved.

And now for my plan

This is the direction I am headed.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back next week. If this looks like fun, join us.

Here are the updates from the original post

Now let's go see what the others are working on. Believe it or not, we really don't tell each other much before this starts, so this is a surprise for me too...

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