I Need to Start Over & A Winner

Does this ever happen to you? Rhetorical questions, I know....of course it does that's why we like each other! 
You are just going about your nosy business of clicking around the blogisphere....and then BAM! Just like that, you are smacked in the face ....kinda like how Cher smacked Nicholas Cage in the movie Moonstuck. 
You see an image
What....what .....what is that?  You think.....I must investigate further because I am in love. Not the school-girl kind of "I think he is cute and I hope he walks by my locker today" love. 
The "I think we could grow old together" love.
So you start clicking....feverishly....where is it....how do I find out more?
That is exactly what happened to me when I saw this room on VT Interiors. Her post was titled "Just Perfect".
I am seriously in love with the raw natural wood on this round table, btw. I need to investigate that further (won't buy the RH one).
There was also this image on her blog
That was it, off I went to investigate more on this home....here ya go.

And just like that cute boy, the behind is as nice to look at as the front :).

All Images Courtesy of Markay Johnson Construction
So after seeing all of this, it makes me feel like.......I need to start over with all of my decorating.
I can't have this conversation with my everyday friends, because they would be like...huh?
And then they would say, "did you get the email about the Fundraising Bake Sale?"
And I would be like...huh?
And then I would have to say, "I don't bake for Fundraising Bake Sales". 
I like to bake, btw.....but Fundraising Bake Sales are for raising funds! I go to the bakery that makes the most amazing chocolate chocolate-chip cookies and donate about 3 dozen. Of course I take them out of the packaging and put them on a lovely plate, first.....and guess what, they always sell out. You're welcome school club that wanted to raise funds. 
And if this horrifies you, my neighbor taught me this trick. 
Now for the winner of my DIY Giveaway.....
Congratulations Pam @ Simple Details! I know you will put all of this to good use.
Happy Monday!