Procrastination Updates

Last month, I shared with you how I updated my DIY's & Featured page. As I mentioned, it was incredibly time consuming....almost as bad as installing crown molding. Well, last week my daughter had the Flu...the real one...the one that causes the entire family to go on Tamiflu. Since I was home-bound, I decided to update the Garden & My Home pages. 

I think the Clorox bleach wipes made me high

I used the same program that I used for the DIY's page. The program is no longer free. It reminds me how our cable company gave us free boxes for all our tv' won't be long before they charge us for each that we're hooked on them like caffeine

This is a sample of the page

Let's face it, garden pictures look better than DIY pictures. 

The My Home page has some of the areas I have shown you, and will continue to grow over time.

I also forgot to tell you about this adorable necklace I won. It was a giveaway from the Tiptoe Butterfly
It came from World Vision. That makes it is extra special to me. 

I'm counting this as my January Project Procrastination....Finish the Unfinished. I'll be pinning it to the board. Oh wow, I just noticed that some people are really getting things done and pinned.

Have you joined in? Do you want to?