Garden Planning

January and February are the perfect time for me (and the rest of the world) to make ambitious gardening plans. I am far enough away form the grueling summer heat to not remember how hot and sticky it can be working outside. A poor memory and a cold winter are definitely dangerous for summer project planning.... not to mention the endless garden catalogs that continue to arrive on a weekly basis. 

Since I am determined to to transform my current vegetable garden into the Kitchen Garden of my dreams

via Pinterest

I just purchased this book, American Grown - The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden.

American Grown 

I continue to be impressed by the design and beauty of this garden.

I don't think I need my lettuce this decorative, but then again....the President isn't coming over to my house.

My dog loves to be in my garden, too. In fact he loves to eat vegetables :-/

Do you have any ambitious garden plans? Any garden plans at all?