Last Day of Procrastination....for 2012

I was all tell you about my idea on how we can help each other with some of those procrastination projects. Only, I did not shoot a few pictures to help embarrass motivate myself. 

In case you are not clear on what I am even talking about, let me give you two examples

This stool, that I blogged about here

It is still completely untouched!

The ducks that most of you thought should be gold
Yeah....nothing accomplished.

This isn't a "beat myself up" post. It is a "do something with it or get rid of it" post.

I'll be back on the 2nd to tell you my plan, and I hope you join me in finishing the unfinished. Here's a work at your own pace.

Happy New Year, Friends.

Thank you for reading my blog and checking in with me throughout the year. No big 2013 declarations.....let's just try to do better than the last year.