Updating My Window Boxes....Part 2

Thanks for coming back and checking in on the progress with my window boxes. This is the second part of my Lowe's Sponsored Challenge.  You know I hate waiting, so here is the finished window box

And here is the "Before"

This is a case of more is better. If it wasn't nailed down....it went in

Here, you can see the duct tape closing the top of the cans and holding the holiday lights inside

Since this had lights on it, I really wanted to catch it at different times of the early evening

At some point, you would think I would stop and go inside.....it was really getting cold

I really liked how it started to glow...it's those LED lights.

I am so thankful to Lowe's. Not only did they sponsor this challenge, they wanted to make a donation to my favorite charity. Since it is almost Thanksgiving, and we are fortunate enough to have food on our table, I chose The Center For Food Action

Do you want to know exactly how much Lowe's cares? Check out their Social Responsibility Page

And, it would not be very responsible of me to leave you without some great tip. I took this from the Lowe's Creative Ideas Page.

Healthy Home Room-By-Room

I'm going to show this to my husband because he doesn't even know how to turn on the vacuum.

What are you doing this weekend?