It's Cold Outside

We had our first snow of the season and I am officially going into hibernation. For me, the countdown till Spring has begun. Yesterday, I did my usual winterizing around my house. I know this is not fun or visually inspiring, but the money you save from this can turn into something visually inspiring.

These are the steps that I do every year to prevent the energy companies from getting richer. I clean and shut all the vents in the house. Yes, I need to get on a ladder.......AND, I work alone... 

Translation, my family has no interest in this and they think I am crazy for bothering to do it.

It really does make a difference. Just hold your hand up to one of the vents on a really cold day and see if you can feel a draft. 

Another area of heat loss is the A/C return. 

I have a special trick for this one. I wrote about it last year, so be sure to check it out.

Have you noticed that the price of LED bulbs have gone down? I need to pick up a few more for some areas of my home. They also help prevent ice dams and that is something I always think about this time of year.
Got any energy saving tips? Actually, I could use some snow removal tips...under 6" and my son insists on doing it.