Sadie & Stella in Nantucket

Alright, let's just admit it....Lindsay and I are an unlikely pair of blogging friends. Don't worry, you can't hurt my feelings on this one....I KNOW! She is chic, cool, young, and stylish. I am none of those things. What do we have in common? We are both obsessed with the tinniest of details and all things matter. I love her blog and learn from her all the time. I envy how brave she is with her decorating. I definitely take advantage of the fact that she is still able to return my emails. It won't be long before her inbox is too full.

Here is Lindsay's view on Nantucket Style.

My lovelies! I am Lindsay from Sadie + Stella Design and I could not be more elated and honored to be here daydreaming and playing make believe in Nantucket with you and Linda. Linda is by far my favorite Jersey girl, well aside from Teresa Guidice (lie), and I cannot get enough of her high style aesthetic. 

At this point in my life, I am not fortunate enough to own a vacation home, but I will say if I did, Nantucket would definitely be on the list of considerations. My aesthetic is not naturally in line with the typical beach cottage feel, but I feel I could definitely borrow some elements given the opportunity. Geez I sound like a politician. Wood shingle siding would be the first on my list. 


Our house would definitely be adorned in that maintenance horror of wood shingle siding and obviously accessorized with a name plate for the home. For those of you who know me, you know why this particular name would be well suited for our family. 


As I said, the quintessential beach decor is not really my thing. However, I would pick and choose certain beach elements to weave into my space. One being clean white walls with dark floors. Utilizing white walls in a beach home makes the space bright, cheerful and welcoming. This foyer pretty much summarizes my point. 

White walls accessorized with major drama. I am also a fan of incorporating cool, primary colors into my beach house. Theoretically, of course. 

My kitchen would follow suit and most likely be all white with dark wood floors. It is no surprise that I would finish it off with showstopping, dramatic and colorful lighting. I mean I would die for these jade pendants. Die. 

This butler's pantry would adorn our beachy hallway leading from the back of the house to the kitchen area. The coral color, may be my ultimate fave and it definitely represents who we are. Which is important in any vacation home. A vacation home gives you the liberty to make bold and brave choices that you would not necessarily make in your primary residence. 

More white finishings with bold accessories. Obviously, since we are in Nantucket here, beach life accouterments (ie shells, sea fans) are a must. 

Painted stairs, of course. Keep it fun, whimsical and relaxing. Only thing missing? Our girls. Insert Stella and Billie. 

This would be the perfect guest bedroom for our home in Nantucket. White walls + bold art = major statement. Framing photos of family and friends makes the space special, unique and relevant.

A lovely dining, and seating nook would be non-negotiable. I am beyond smitten with this sea fan chandelier and it just might encourage me to start saving for our non-existent beach house. I would build a house around this chandelier. And probably walk 500 miles. 

And our evenings would be spent entertaining on the beach. Wouldn't you love to attend a soiree here? Yeah. Me too. 

Well the fall back to reality is fast and unpleasant. Fall is here. Summer is not. Thank you so much Linda for bringing me to another place at a different time! I would adore if you all came and visited me over at Sadie + Stella Design. Loves!

Thanks Lindsay, you can design my make believe beach house anytime.  I owe you one!
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