Simple Centerpieces & Pinterest

This is a post about a simple centerpiece and a pin...from pinterest. This is the centerpiece. It is from My Heart's Desire.

My Heart's Desire

I cannot take credit for any of it. I liked it, and I pinned it......8 weeks ago. That's it! I have not made one like it and I did not blog about it....until now. Why am I telling you any of this? Everyday I receive approximately 6 e-mails from pinterest telling me that it has been repinned. In fact, as I write this, it has been repined 74 times! So, I thought I would find more simple centerpieces that inspire me.

A Flair For Vintage Decor



OK, this takes a bit of work, but it is so cute!


Do you have a favorite? What do you use for a simple centerpiece?

*** Additional Centerpiece Ideas ***

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