Meet & Greet Emily Henderson!

A few weeks ago, I got this

I KNOW! Crazy, right?

You know what I'm thinking...

It was a fantastic evening in NYC.

First, my favorite HGTV Design Star, Emily

Emily & me

My favorite guest blogger

Lisa & Emily

Some new blogger friends

Natalie, Jenny, Me & Deweese

Emily & Me


Lana & Kim

Everyone had a fantastic time. Hurricane Irene was the main conversation, and today I am hoping that all is well everywhere.

This is what I asked Emily about her show;......

1. Who pays for all the stuff?

Like that enormous red sectional/booth @ 5K

Answer; HGTV

2. Where is the Style Diagnostic filmed (looks like your house/studio)?

Answer; In a studio

3. Do you shop for all of those crazy options you have spread out

Answer; not any more, I have help with that

4. How far in advance do you shop for the room

Answer; about a month

Emily is as cute, fun and sweet in person as you would expect. Finally, she said she was not sure of a name for her own style......

How about; California, West Elm, Girly, fun?

Tomorrow, I'll talk about the gift bags. Oh yeah, there was swag too!