You made my Daughter's day!

Yesterday was not a typical day in the hood. My husband (aka, the one who makes all things possible around here, and my number one supporter) took a flight from NY to Florida. This is typical. When he landed, before reaching the gate, he texted me ...and it went like this

Him: You will never guess who I am sitting next to on the plane.

Me: Take photo

Him: Got autograph for the tween


Him: Kim Kardashian!

This all happened at Pick-up time for the tween. So, I phoned him and asked if he felt comfortable asking her to say "hi" to the tween. I handed the tween the phone, and they had a very sweet brief conversation.

Here is the more strange part. When I asked my husband how she looked in person, he replied, "she's very petite." That's it? Isn't she beautiful? Silence, "she's a pretty girl", husband admitted. He then told me that they had quite the chat and he knows more about the DASH store than he cares to.

Now let's get real, had the situation been reversed, and lets say I was sitting next to

I would have had someone take a photo of us, together, and made a t-shirt out of it!
Thank you Kim Kardashian, wherever you are. You made my daughter's day, and that was very sweet of you!
Linda {Calling it Home}