Home Goals for 2013

Thanks for all of your sweet comments about my Home Goals Review of 2012. Don't worry, it wasn't a performance review.....I have job security here, and couldn't get fired if I tried. 

This year I am setting my 2013 Home Goals with this in mind;

Rather than cut and paste last year's goals into next year, I have decided to sub-categorize them. 

I Really Hope I Get This Done {group}

1. An All White Foyer - I plan on making this my first big project of the new year. 

This inspiration picture is a good start.

2. A Potager (kitchen) Garden - I can't start this until spring, so hopefully the timing will work out.

For me, Martha is inspiration.....and just like Martha, I may hire someone to do the work.

3. Powder Room Makeover - I would like to add wainscoting and a wall treatment above it....wallpaper, stencil, I'm really not sure. 

Powder Room inspiration.

The next group

If I Can Figure Out How to Squeeze This In {group}

A Pergola Over The Garage

It's a long shot, but I'm dreaming a bit on this one.


I Doubt This Will Ever Happen {group}
aka. My husband's home goal

A Home Generator. Not this kind

This kind

Since I have absolutely no interest in this, and I am the one who would do all the research on it....it is appropriately placed at the bottom of my list.

Go ahead, join me and make some goals. We need something to procrastinate against while we are pinning.


  1. Love your goals!! Yours are lofty and so specific. Mine come as my year unfolds :) I cannot be pressured into listing them right now. You know me! Go Linda!

  2. You make the goal setting look easy with these fabulous rooms and ideas! The power room look is to die for and the pergola over the garage is an all time favorite. Guess I'll have to share the couple that I am contemplating so I know I am in good company! The generator would be quite appropriate given your Fall.....maybe your hubby could write a post or two on it!

  3. You make the goal setting look easy with these fabulous rooms and ideas!!!! Happy New year

  4. I want the big rooms painted this year which involves hiring someone since the ceilings are 18 feet. I also want to paint the kitchen cabinets.
    I have faith in you to get all of your goals done!

  5. Wonderful, attainable goals. I'm with you on the big project to kick off the new year! Can't wait! Good luck with everything and know Im here for support!
    xo Nancy

  6. Great idea to do a post on your goals....it might help to actually get them all done..

  7. I am new to your blog...love your attitude! I'm especially interested in the pergola over the garage...I want one too! Can't wait to see it completed! ;)

  8. Great goals! I made a list the other day! One goal challenges?

  9. Love your list and there are a few of those I want to try out. So I'm gonna let you go first and then you can tell me how to do them :)

  10. I'm on blogging vacation, but will post some soon and link to you. It will be funny as my goals will be vastly fewer and easier! I'm so glad you'll be friends with such a low achiever : )

  11. You have def set realistic goals & the inspiration is as always inspiring. Not finished with my foyer/entranceway probably the better word as it is quite small, totally digging the all white vibe. It is clean, crisp & easy to work off of. Can't wait to see your creations! Happy 2013!

  12. LInda! Hey I share in some of your goals. Especially the Pergola over the garage -- which will happen if I can't move! working over some bathrooms is also high on the list as is the Built-in generator (but I doubt that will happen)...xoxo A

  13. My problem is that I have so many things to do in my own home - the reno isn't even finished yet - then I get sidetracked when I find the perfect (fill in the blank) for a room we're not even working on yet, and so everything gets set back. I would like to get my family room finished and my new kitchen wallpaper and shelves installed before this spring - I'm trying to break this down into baby steps. Good luck with your goals!


  14. I love how you have them categorized! I am working on my list for 2013 and it's already ridiculously long! We bought a gas powered generator last year but after losing power for 12 days this year, I wish we got the built in kind! Oh well! Happy New Year to you!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  15. I'm still off over here and not thinking about them yet... :)

  16. Great goals...I TOTALLY want a pergola over our garage, too. I have the rose vine growing that direction...just not the $ for the pergola...yet!

  17. I'm crushing over that pergola too!!! the all-white foyer would be very doable for you I think. The generator? Well, I'll let my hubby have that as his goal for next year. :-)

  18. oooohhh, i love the idea of the pergola over the garage! i may steal that one from you and add it to my list! happy almost 2013!

  19. LOL at your categories. I don't have too many home goals (that's my blog post for tomorrow) because I was ruthless in narrowing them down, but most of them are pretty involved so they'll probably be going on for the whole year. Hopefully I can get these done, then have 2014 to do other stuff.


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