It's Cold Outside

We had our first snow of the season and I am officially going into hibernation. For me, the countdown till Spring has begun. Yesterday, I did my usual winterizing around my house. I know this is not fun or visually inspiring, but the money you save from this can turn into something visually inspiring.

These are the steps that I do every year to prevent the energy companies from getting richer. I clean and shut all the vents in the house. Yes, I need to get on a ladder.......AND, I work alone... 

Translation, my family has no interest in this and they think I am crazy for bothering to do it.

It really does make a difference. Just hold your hand up to one of the vents on a really cold day and see if you can feel a draft. 

Another area of heat loss is the A/C return. 

I have a special trick for this one. I wrote about it last year, so be sure to check it out.

Have you noticed that the price of LED bulbs have gone down? I need to pick up a few more for some areas of my home. They also help prevent ice dams and that is something I always think about this time of year.
Got any energy saving tips? Actually, I could use some snow removal tips...under 6" and my son insists on doing it.


  1. Actually, I hate to gloat, but we are so glad we don't have to worry about ice dams since moving away from PA. It was a real problem. We do have a bank of windows on the back of the house that feel drafty so my husband wants to put up plastic.

  2. This is a good reminder for me to get moving on winterization. So far Ive just turned off the outside water faucets.. I want to reinsulate my entire house..$$$$$$$.
    Stay warm buddy!
    xo Nancy

  3. You are good. I love the shrink wrap idea. I'm gonna try that one for sure.

  4. I leave that to those more qualified at my house...ha! :)

  5. I love love love how much you care about energy saving :)

  6. Linda
    Congratulate so much to both of you! Very exciting! They journals look great,

  7. It is COLD here....just was reminded by my husband how badly we need weather stripping in our doors....

  8. I have never ever closed the vents. I had no idea I was such a slacker! We just replaced our windows this year and already there is SUCH a difference with the cold weather. Thanks for the tips - I will tackle that tomorrow!!!

  9. Great tips...every little bit helps! Have a great weekend!! xoxox

  10. Hi Linda,

    These are wonderful tips! I know what you are saying regarding hibernation and preparation. We live in the high elevations of the pacific northwest.. so we DO get some significant weather. Power outages (for days), snow (we live in a hilly area and the roads often close for a day or two), and lots of ice and rain. I enjoy the start of the season.. and then I start using my blue light. March is a tough time because it's still dark and gray.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  11. Kudos to you for keeping even more riches from them energy companies! Love it. Girl, I don't envy y'all up north but great tips. And Happy Friday! Here's to a fab and somewhat warm weekend.

  12. Wait! I'm so confused. Why do you close your vents? Don't laugh b/c I am clueless - doesn't the hot air from the furnace heat the house via the vents??? Linda, sister needs some help b/c our house is frigid in the winter in spite of having replaced the windows, adding new insulation, closing the crawl space vents and insulating that. Our energy bills are outrageous in the winter for a tiny space. Help!


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