Run Patrick.....Run!

That is my favorite Sponge Bob quote. My son and I can crack each other up, just by saying those words. 

Well, it's time to get off the beach, because Hurricane Sandy is coming. Nantucket won't be hit as hard as New Jersey.....knew I should have moved there. Here is the latest forecast

It's not looking is the projected path as the day's unfold.

Did you notice that it will be hanging a left at the Jersey Shore? I hope Snookie and the new baby are ok. 

Speaking of One Hit Wonders....who remembers this song?

Just in case you are still wanting a bit of coastal chic....One Kings Lane is having a Nautical Sale.

Good Luck East Coast friends. Stay safe.

If you are looking for more Nantucket Style posts, you can visit my series.


  1. Im so sorry youre in the "screwed" zone. I pray Frankenstorm does not camp at your house. Good luck battening down the hatches, and stay safe and sound! Keep us posted.
    xo Nancy

  2. Hi Linda! The scale is from Blommingville, a danish brand. We sell it in our shop, but perhaps you can find it in Jersey.

    Kisses and best regards!!!

    Mrs Boho & Kulunka Deco

  3. Ditto what Nancy said. I am in the "will be inconvenienced zone" so I can't complain too much. Stay safe!

  4. Hi linda
    Kissses and best regards!!!

  5. Time to batten down the hatches! Stay safe and I'll see you on the other side.

  6. Stay safe! Kissses and best regards!!!

  7. Time to crank up a little Delbert McClinton Sandy Beaches!

  8. The police just called and said to expect 50-60 mph winds which isn't too bad I guess but Nantucket is expected to get things worse. :)

    I hope you stay safe down there!

  9. We're all ready and prepared here in DC....roads very quiet. Just drove over to the shop to tidy up a few things. Passed a few grocery stores....parking lots pretty empty. Guessed everyone prepared yesterday. Take care, Loi

  10. Well, if you have to be hit by a storm it might as well have a cool name like Frankenstorm...right?! Be safe, hope the power stays on!!

  11. Stay safe! Praying the storms passes you by quietly and calm.

  12. Praying for you to be safe Linda! Hope Frankenstorm misses you!

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  14. Stay safe Chiquita! We had an earthquake on Saturday Night. Geesh Mother Nature is busy these days!


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