Nantucket Style.....The Pink Pagoda

When I asked Jennifer if she would help me with my Nantucket Style posts, I should have realized that she probably has a book on it. Did you ever see her book collection?

Jennifer's Book Collection

You must know who I am talking about? It is my dear friend Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda

Jennifer also has an impressive following on Pinterest. If you look at some of her pins, you will know why....and now there is a picture of her, so you can see what she looks like.

I'm so happy so be here at My Crafty Home Life sharing Diamond Baratta's version of Nantucket Style with you today. When Linda asked me to do a Nantucket Style post, I immediately thought of this weekend house featured in the book Diamond Baratta Design. The clients, a Manhattan couple, have a weekend getaway on Long Island. However, Nantucket is their favorite place on earth and they wanted their house to reflect that.

No one ever accused the design duo Diamond Baratta of subtlety. They take "themey" to a whole new level. As it's so blatant, I just get over myself and enjoy the fun and color. If you've been to my blog before, you know I'm crazy for pink and blue together. There's plenty of that here, and I'm so glad to get to share.

This is a detail photo from the rug shown in the first image. Diamond Baratta is well known for designing custom rugs for clients.

I love how the quilt looks cozy/country/graphic/modern all at the same time.

See what I mean about lack of subtlety? Maybe a bit more pink and blue here than even I would do, but I like the slipcovers created for these chairs.

The mural in the entry depicts Nantucket.

The blue and white stripe upholstery with the bright pink welt on the white lacquered furniture is adorable.

Again, they are clearly not afraid of being themey. A word often used to describe their work is "exuberant." I think that's appropriate.

This kitchen is one of my favorites.

I love the idea of using tile to create a gingham look.

Linda, thank you for having me here on your incredible blog. I was thrilled to get to share some pink and blue Nantucket fun with you and your readers!

Thank you, Jennifer.  You can come by anytime.


  1. Jennifer is bringing home the Pink and Blue this month! This Nantucket home is fun and warm and happy!! xo

  2. I actually like this over the top themey look. The sofas with pink lighthouse fabric were fun.

  3. I'm in love with those striped chairs! And I could have a damn good dinner party in that dining room!

  4. I love the boat room! When a theme room is done right it just rocks!

  5. The quilt and wallpapered ceiling are my faves!

  6. I think it's fabulous that they do what they love! I agree the kitchen is amazing and the gingham tile...who knew?! Heading to check out Jennifer's Pinterest page! :)

  7. What fun images! I love seeing a photo of Jennifer since I haven't before..Isn't it fun getting to know each other better? Im not usually a hanging quilt person, but that one is fabulous. I love this series Linda, it is really bringing new things to us everyday. Love it.
    xo Nancy

  8. Interesting design, but I like it...a bit quirky and way colorful. There are some good ideas here. Its nice to see design that is different because I feel now with the internet everyone's homes look alike. Its hard to tell them apart no? Everyone has similar fabrics, wallpaper this is a fresh welcome. Jennifer is so pretty! I didn't know what she looked it. I did picture her with dark hair, though. Love it!

  9. Thank you, Linda, for having me today! I loved getting to be a part of your Nantucket series!

  10. Oh what beauty!!! I love every single image!!! Thank you so much for sharing, Linda! I am a Nantucket lovin' girl!!!

  11. I love her round up! Oh and thanks for the heads up- I'm now following her on Pinterest! :)

  12. Diamond Baratta did/do everything large and they certainly did so here! I love the quilt on the wall, I think it's my favorite part.

  13. My fave is the bathroom tiling for sure, gorgeous! Agree with her over- the- top rendition of a theme, only a few people can get away with that, and she definitely can! Thank you Jennnifer and Linda!

  14. Fantastic, Jennifer! Haven't seen Diamond Baratta featured in a while. Their rooms are always lively and fun. Enjoyed this guest post.

  15. Love all the delicious PINK!! Jennifer is a love and I love her blog!!


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