Paint The Ugly Threshold

Here is my Lowe's Sponsored Challenge: Mum's The Word! Decorate any part of your home or garden with chrysanthemum's. Get as creative as you like.

As soon as I opened this one, I knew what I wanted to do...

My front door
But wait....I can't just decorate this place without fixing that thing that has been bothering me for years! 

See it? 

It is screaming at me..."I'm so ugly!"

No, not the dead Lamb's Ear.
I have hated this aluminum threshold from day one. 

I even tried to make it black with Rub N Buff.

Big fail
Since I wasn't sure how to fix it after my Rub N Buff disaster, I asked the guy's in the Lowe's paint department.

First, you need to remove as much of the metal wax as possible 
I used this tape
To protect the door and bluestone
2 coats of paint
And you have this
But I'm STILL not done. As long as we have gone through all of this trouble, let's seal the door properly.....Winter is coming!

Look at where the door meets the bluestone
I like this one
While you are at it...check all around the door for additional air leaks.

Apply the caulk and wipe off excess
Now, I'm ready to decorate the front area. Come back tomorrow to see how I finished this area. That is when you can enter the giveaway. In the mean time, click on over to the Lowe's Creative Ideas site for more inspirational projects.

****Go here for part two and the giveaway!**** 


  1. What a difference Linda! You have a gorgeous entry and door, so this completes the lovely details. I know you will style it grand..see you tomorrow!
    xo Nancy

  2. OK...Just showed MC. He says he can do it and likes the idea! Thanks. We have such a similar entry, although much smaller, and it will really improve the appearance!

  3. I was just thinking that I really have to get busy with fixing up my front door and the shabby looking decor out there. The spider webs look like I was decorating for Halloween a little early.
    Love your planters.

  4. I'm going to be 100% honest, I didn't think the aluminum was a big deal. I literally though "meh, I guess, but it looks fine." BUT the paint made a HUUUUGE difference and it looks so much better! Way to have vision!

  5. It's the little things! Looks great! I have MANY projects like that to tackle!

  6. I got as far as taking out the dead ferns today and a few things planted in the planter. Now all that other stuff that needs to be done will stay on the list for another week or repaint my threshold....! You are always a few steps ahead of me.....

  7. Your front porch is beautiful. I'll be back tomorrow to see Part 2!

  8. It's all in the details. Looks great. Wanda

  9. That little change really did make a difference! I will check in tomorrow.

  10. Love the black! What a diffence! I'll be back tomorrow for sure. I love Lowes! Are you starting the 31 days tonight? I have finally made up my mind to do it again.

  11. Lovely. The details... they make the difference.

  12. Wow! Looks great! YOu go girl! You never cease to amaze me!!

  13. yay, good job Linda! Looks so much better :)



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