Pink Burlap

Yesterday, I was killing time researching ideas on Pinterest, and I ran across this image from designer Angie Hranowsky

I liked the drapes...and then I read the box....It's BURLAP! Burlap from a cool. A quick search, and I found all these colors at this store for only $4 per yard.





Avocado green

This one is called sage, but it looks slightly gray

This is the color I'm is more expensive than the others at $7 per yard.

Available Here
Remember my tips when shopping for fabric online. Is colored burlap something you would consider? What would you use it for?


mollly @thewaffler said...

That lovely blue burlap is so soft and pretty -- I hope you go for it!

The Pink Pagoda said...

How interesting! I would maybe do it in the family room. We need drapes in there and I think even my husband wouldn't have a problem with $4 a yard!

Kim said...

I absolutely LOVE burlap! The colors are beautiful and at 4- or 7 a yard ... it is a risk worth taking!!!

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

I would totally consider burlap! I love the price point, and the texture. I have used it in a client project before and they didn't hang quiet as nicely as the pink ones do... I would recommend paying a few more $ a yard for a softer hand. Love your color selection!

insideways said...

I would definitely use colored burlap! I like a lot of those colors. I would probably just buy it then hoard it for a someday project haha :)

Tiffany said...

At that price why not? I never would have considered it before.

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