Pink Pagoda Accessories

My friend, Jennifer from the blog The Pink Pagoda has beautiful prints. My Custom Pink Pagoda Frame post that I did five months ago, still remains one of my all time most popular. I have featured some of Jennifer's work here, here, here...and here. I guess I really love her sense of design.

Jennifer is branching out and designing other items. She has some cool products on Zazzle. Like this iPhone case

or pillows

Here comes the group participation part....Jennifer wants to know what other products she could design and create using her images...HOW FUN!! If you are not familiar with her images, you can get a crash refresher course here. I love giving people my, about these ideas (all with your own images, of course)

An elephant tray


An elephant ice bucket


A pagoda cheese tray


A pink pagoda napkin holder


A pink pagoda waste basket or tissue box


Ok, those are a few of my ideas for The Pink Pagoda...what products do you think Jennifer should add to her product line? Here is your chance to play Project Pink Pagoda!


The Pink Pagoda said...

Thank you so much for the REALLY GREAT ideas! Some of these aren't available to do on zazzle yet, but I will suggest them. They are adding new options all the time and are wanting suggestions. I like using zazzle because they do all the sourcing. I'm clueless on where to start there!

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

I would totally buy a tray.

Mimi said...

Love the clarity of blue on that people. Green is my favorite color, so of course I like those pieces as well. think I'll pop over to the Pink Pagoda.

Jessie said...
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Jessie said...

I love the phone case and the pillow that Jennifer designed. Also loving the green striped waste basket, it's so chic.


Emily said...

I love a custom phone cover!!

Tiffany said...

I love the tray idea and someone had suggested fabric which would be awesome!

Suzy said...

I agree that a tray would be great. I also like the pillows. Linda, stop by my blog. I'm tagging you in a little bloggy game and I hope you'll play along.

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