Loud or Quiet?

Although I am not finished with my dining room, I have begun planning for my entry hall. As I have obsessed about on this blog....it is going to be "All White". Hopefully, something like this

House Beautiful

Minus the incredible Ginger Jars (I don't have those). I do have some colorful Asian doors


They should stand out nicely against the semi-gloss white walls that are coming. That leaves the rug. I need one. My question to you is Loud

persian rug

Or Quiet

Sakat Natural Jute Flat Woven Rug | World Market

Do you like a rug that says "notice me"?


Or do you prefer a rug that whispers "notice the room"?

Decor Pad


Traditional Home
Which would you choose?


  1. I know you said all white, but do you mean predominately white? What are the underlying floors and how much do you want to show. What other furniture will be in the room? The doors are stunning, BTW.
    I personally would choose the more colorful rug unless the space is such that it will scream.

    1. Kerry, you are correct. I am not doing all white, just white walls.

  2. Tough question. I would go muted with the colorful doors as the statement...I think. You should try it both ways.

  3. Love those doors BTW! My vote is for loud! I know you are going to take awhile to choose the rug ;) and it will likely cost a little $$ cause that's the nature of the beast, so I say if you are going to spend time AND money then get one with character and colour.

    1. You know me well, not an easy decision because of the cost factor.

  4. I agree with Nicole! I also love a loud rug! The red one you picked is gorgeous. I always think that a rug should make a design statement or else why spend all that money? Since it is a hallway in predominantly white, I think the room can handle a colorful rug. :)


  5. Like Kerry I have amny ?? and I'd love to see the the space to better understand the context of it all, but my gut is "loud and proud!" Go for it! BTW those doors are amazing!

  6. Those doors are so cool! Since your entry is going to be predominatly white, I say go bright with the rug. As long as it doesn't compete too much with those amazing doors.

    1. Thanks, I am thinking I can handle some color on the floor.

  7. I agree!! LOUD!! I do love the muted ones ... but go with something to balance the beautiful doors against the white backdrop! Stunning!!


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