Hope I don't Bore You!

I have been tagged by two bloggers to play a game. Suzy for Saved by Suzy and Cathy from Room RX. This is funny, because if people really knew me (and now you will know more about me), I am not that social.

Here are the rules (you must post the rules)...answer eleven questions....tag eleven other bloggers...ask them eleven new questions. Sorry if I am about to bore you....I never quit a challenge ( I do break chain letters!).

Here are Suzy's eleven questions:

1) If you could visit one place in the world, where would it be?
I have always wanted to go to Australia!

2) What is your dream job?
I don't have a specific one, but it would involve doing DIY and getting paid for it!

3) What is your favorite book?
I recently read this, and loved it!

4) Name an item on your bucket list.
Find my Sister...won't tell you any more on that.

5) Do you speak any other languages?
I butcher Spanish all the time.

6) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

7) If you could change anything about your current home, what would it be?
The State that it is in. I love my home, I just wish it was on a beach somewhere.

8) What is something you've learned from blogging?
Don't take any of this seriously or personally.

9) If you could take any type of class, what would it be about?
Gourmet cooking.

10) If you could have dinner with one person, who would it be?
Barbara Streisand.

11) If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
My height. I am only 5'2" (and a half).

And now, Cathy's questions (won't blame you if you click away)

1) Do you like to cook or bake?
Both, but I think I am a better baker.

2) My one guilty pleasure is....?
Most of the "Housewives" series...I don't do New Jersey!

3) To unwind at the end of a long day I....?
Take a hot bath.

4) Where do you do your blogging?
Either the Family Room or in bed.

5) I could eat a whole bag/box/package of... in one sitting?
Jalapeno chips

6) White wine or red?

7) My idea of the perfect day is....?
Gardening from sun up to sun down.

8) The room in my home that I like the best is...?
My dining room...coming Wednesday!

9) The accomplishment I am most proud of in the past year is...?
My kids. My son, for hitting his stride. My daughter for exceeding my expectations.

10) What song can't you get out of your head right now?
Whatever song I heard that morning.

11) What is one item on your "bucket list?"
Answered it above.

If I haven't lost you....here are my eleven bloggers I am tagging (maybe it's you?)

Jen from Insideways
Mimi from First Come Flowers
Danylle from Nana Moon Shop
Taylor from Taylor Morgan Design
Jessie from Mix & Chic
Beckie from Cubicle 57
Meg from Made by Meg
Rebecca from Older And Wisor
Janet from House Four
Annie from Looking for my ID
The Stucco Bungalow

Here are your eleven questions;
1. What makes you laugh?
2. What is your favorite quote?
3. Are you a morning person?
4. What do yo do better than most people you know?
5. If you could re-live one day from your childhood, what would it be?
6. What was your best blog post?
7. When you look back at this year (2012), what do you think will be your greatest accomplishment?
8. Who is your celebrity crush?
9. What is your favorite movie?
10. What chore do you hate?
11. What would be your perfect meal?


  1. I'm still here.... So nice to get to know you better, your sense of humor comes shining through Linda! Can't wait to see your finished DR and hear more about your gardening. What are jalapeno chips and where can I get some?!

  2. I still know you pretty well...those answers sound just like you!!:)

  3. Loved reading this! I was glancing at my dashboard and the pic of Hugh Jackman caught my eye ;)

  4. I enjoy reading about all the details about you! Thanks for inviting me to play along, I will answer this perhaps next week?

    Have a good weekend!


  5. Thanks for playing Linda! I think it's so fun to get to know more about my blog friends. A house on the beach sounds perfect, as long as I could relax while watching the Real Housewives with you! I like the Jersey series...some of their behavior reminds me of my extended Italian family.

  6. that was pretty extensive :) I too would love to visit Australia!


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