The One Room Challenge!

Hi Everyone....welcome to the One Room Challenge! Everyone I know has at least one room in their home that needs work.You just don't have the motivation. You need a little "push". Maybe next month...well, for Fifteen of us, that time has come!

Week 2, go here; ,Week 3, go here; Week4, go here, Week 5, go here, The Finale, go here.

And voila....the challenge was born. One room... until, or in this case, in just 6 weeks!! 15 bloggers, I like to call us the "Freshman 15", are in on this challenge. Each Wednesday, we will all be posting updates on our rooms. In addition to that, there will probably be all sorts of planning, DIY-ing, and mistakes along the way. At the bottom of each Wednesday's post, you can find a link to the other participants. I hope you stick with us for this crazy adventure.

My One Room - If you are a regular reader of my blog, then this will be no surprise... it is the first up on my Home dining room.

Some of the pictures were taken long before I blogged, so I apologize for the poor quality.

This is our dumping room. Unfortunately, it is the first room that you see when you enter my home. I am so tired of making excuses for it. Here are my thoughts (welcome to my brain)

About a year ago, I painted my china hutch and added that. 8 months ago, I found head-chairs that need to be reupholstered. 4 months ago, I found a farm table on is what it looks like now

It is still a dumping ground. This corner holds all my basement "stuff" while it was out of commission

This corner is where my husband puts all his "stuff" when he gets home (and more sewing "stuff")

This corner has fabric clutter

This corner is not that bad (this sconce has to be lowered)...What window treatment?

This is my list (in no particular order)
Fix the color of the china is too light and blends into the wall (I love the wall color)
Put planks on the ceiling under the crown molding
Change the color of the pagoda lanterns
Find artwork to flank the hutch
Reupholster all the dining chairs
Drapes & cornice
Lower the sconces and paint them
Paint the mirror frames
Swap the pine cabinet for open shelves

Now be sure to check out all the other rooms! For week 2 go here

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  1. I love your wall colour too!
    What is it about dining rooms that they so easily become "dumping grounds"? If you could see my dining room, it has the same stuff in it - sewing machine, extra fabric, books...
    As you know, originally I was going to work on my dining room too but instead I'll live vicariously through your project and steal your ideas afterwards ;)
    It's going to be beautiful Linda!

  2. It is very fun to see your "process". I love your laterns and hutch. I am very excited to see you move through this makeover. I can envision the end result and it will be fab. Great space!!

  3. I want your china hutch! I love your plans... it will defiantly make a huge change in your space. And those lanterns are AMAZING!

    1. Tiffany, your mom must have a china hutch in her stash!

    2. You have an amazing wide open space to work with! Love your hutch and those lanterns. Putting planking on the ceiling will be fabulous! Can't wait to watch this process, as my own dining room is my next project.

  4. looking forward to watching all these transformations! Lots of inspiration and motivation.

  5. Oh my. Your pagoda lanterns are to die for. What color will you paint them?

    1. Thanks, that is the hard part...I'm not sure

  6. Your room has so much potential and your already off to a great start. I LOVE your lanterns and China hutch. Did you paint it yourself?

  7. Suzy, I painted the hutch...and am "fixing" it. I don't like that color....just not right.

  8. love all your ideas! this is going to be great!

  9. Ha ha Linda, I love the corners!! You are going to do your usual magic with the upholstery I know it! Look out, the magazines are going to come a'knockin when you're finished! I'm so excited to see your progress!

  10. This sounds like so much fun! Great idea! I can't wait to see all the changes in everyone's rooms. Oh, and I'm a new follower. I saw the challenge on Saved by Suzy and had to come check out the brains behind the challenge :)

  11. Sam, that was very kind of you. I am on my way to your blog now!

  12. Oh, I love this idea. And it introduces me to a bunch of blogs that I have not read before. So excited to see how everyone's rooms turn out. Your dining room is going to be divine!

  13. What a fun project! Looking forward to see your dining room's progress/completion. Your hutch is gorgeous, by the way. I am also loving your room's ceiling. I see a lot of potential in this room!

    Have a good day!


  14. Visting those taking part in the challenge - looks like the room has already come a long way. Great pieces! I look forward to reading more. I am now following you.

  15. You have a beautiful room and such good pieces in there already, I love the china cabinet and your pagoda lanterns! Can't wait to see what you do with your room! Thank you so much for getting us all together for this challenge Linda!

  16. Oh my gosh I can already tell this is going to be a beautiful makeover. The room has such good bones and you already have so many beautiful pieces of furniture! I agree that the wall color is amazing.

  17. Wow Linda, your dining room has amazing potential! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    I'll be checking in every week to see your fantastic transformation!

  18. the lanterns and the table are pretty awesome! This room has great potential.

  19. Hi,
    I'm new to your blog. Great ideas. I'd like to join the 6-week challenge. I don't see where to click to sign up and upload photos.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you


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