Cyber Monday

In a few words....I'M IN! Hopefully, today is the day...the day to get a ton of shopping done, at great bargain prices? Black Friday is not my thing.

I love to shop on-line. In fact, I have shared my on-line shopping for Missoni on-line; fabric on-line; Outdoor rugs on-line;  Upholstery Supplies on-line; and wall decals on-line with you.

I usually check everything at home on my computer, before I ever head out to the stores. I could probably quote most major retailers return policies....what does all of this mean? I think I can spot a good deal when I see one. Here are a few things I am on the hunt for

A television for the basement
I have purchased a few televisions from Tiger Direct in the past....they will match any advertised price! I'll hunt around, and end up there....although "they say" electronics may drop Christmas approaches?

Justin Bieber perfume comment, it's on her list!

For me, the only practical one in this house...Turtlenecks!

"Guess I'm a Turtleneck-Kind-of Gal!"

I would love to know what and WHERE you will be cyber-ing on Monday?


  1. I loved this post...made me laugh...especially the "don't ask" because you were reading my mind as I read through...I am on the cyber hunt for peacock teal velvet to see if I can score a better deal than locally. Then I will share with you my holiday faux upholstery idea for my dining room chairs!

  2. Oh I'm all over etsy and modcloth. Happy Cyber Mondaying!!

  3. I ordered some ridiculous gaming accoutrement for my hubby. He's such a nerd and I love him. A little Eddie Bauer happiness should be coming my way in a few weeks and a kitchenaid mixer for my sister. And I didn't have to pepper spray anybody. sweet.


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