Are You a Geek?

Before you answer, I want you to know that some of the following photos are from Geekalerts, gadgets for Geeks! Obviously, the fact that I know of this site....answers the question for myself.

Well, If you have seen this already, then this is nothing new.....we (my kids & I) are crazy over Nanoblocks!

Yes, it is like Lego....only A LOT smaller. The base of this project is about 3" x 3".

It is not affiliated with Lego....AND it is much cheaper than Lego. Hasn't Lego prices just gone crazy? Don't get me wrong, we are still major Lego people here. In Fact, when I saw this image

of a Lego dog on LGN, I knew I had to find a way to make one for our home....told you "Geek".

There must be a software program for something like this? I can't find it. If anyone knows how to get custom  Lego directions...I would sure appreciate the information!

One final note, if you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I had a problem at Target yesterday returning a Pay Pal order. Seems as though Target has forgotten that their customer e-mail addresses were stolen! Is the site safe? Should you feel confident using Pay Pal at checkout? Hmmm, not if you ever want to get a refund! Pay Pal customers will only get store credit!! You decide.

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  1. Oh don't get me started on PayPal. They cancelled my account when I raised money for the flood victims. They think I am a money launderer. Hmmm, $4000 ... yes I am in the big league! A-M xx PS Must try the mini lego! My little one would love it!


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