Meet & Greet Emily Henderson!

A few weeks ago, I got this

I KNOW! Crazy, right?

You know what I'm thinking...

It was a fantastic evening in NYC.

First, my favorite HGTV Design Star, Emily

Emily & me

My favorite guest blogger

Lisa & Emily

Some new blogger friends

Natalie, Jenny, Me & Deweese

Emily & Me


Lana & Kim

Everyone had a fantastic time. Hurricane Irene was the main conversation, and today I am hoping that all is well everywhere.

This is what I asked Emily about her show;......

1. Who pays for all the stuff?

Like that enormous red sectional/booth @ 5K

Answer; HGTV

2. Where is the Style Diagnostic filmed (looks like your house/studio)?

Answer; In a studio

3. Do you shop for all of those crazy options you have spread out

Answer; not any more, I have help with that

4. How far in advance do you shop for the room

Answer; about a month

Emily is as cute, fun and sweet in person as you would expect. Finally, she said she was not sure of a name for her own style......

How about; California, West Elm, Girly, fun?

Tomorrow, I'll talk about the gift bags. Oh yeah, there was swag too!


  1. How interesting! You asked her the same questions I've been wanting to know. My daughter and I love her show and have wondered about the incredible room where she does the style diagnostic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You asked great questions!! I didn't even think of asking about all of the stuff in the 'spread'! It was great meeting you, my fellow New Jerseyan :)

  3. So fun, I'll live vicariously through you! Hope Irene was better than expected!!

  4. I love Emily and her show! Glad you got to meet her and ask some questions! Looks like a really fun evening too!


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