Drip Irrigation

This week, I have been working on #6 of my TTD list. I love to figure out the plant combinations for the window boxes. This year, I planted roses in them. The containers take a bit more time to get them just right. However, remembering to water them is not as easy for me. I get busy with the kids...and it's HOT!

So, since I am lucky enough to have a sprinkler system, I have decided to install drip irrigation into all of my containers (did you catch that it is not even on the TTD list?).  That is another story for another day.

Here are two great tutorials on how I did this (thank you YOUTUBE).

This one is more complete

This isn't exactly how I "hacked" into my sprinkler system...but you can get the idea from this
...and now my plants will be happy this Summer!

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