Wall Decal for the Tween Room

As part of a room makeover, my tween wanted a wall decal. You know the kind, they are in many stores and on television quite a bit. She wanted this one

so we purchased it here. They custom color any combination you want. It came from China, the stamps on the box were so cool looking, and didn't seem to take all that long. Here is our (when I say "our", I mean me doing all the work and the tween giving it her stamp of approval)  progress so far

you will notice that we flipped the image. Not a great idea. This is what makes this one of the most time consuming projects that I have ever done! Check back for the finished project, if I ever finish!


  1. You are off to a great start! How does it attach to the wall?

    PS... saw your post on Get it Girl Style and just had to come say hi! I know how it can feel with low counts on your comments. Keep up the hard work. I have added you to my reader. I will comment! :)

  2. THANKS MEG! You are the first! The back of the decal peels off, then you rub with a rag, and peel off the front....NOT easy ;)....an I love your jewelery!

  3. my tween would love this..or should I say I would...on her wall. i saw one that was painted on Thom Filicia's show a while back...loved it. But I also wanted to thank you for stopping my and commenting on my post today. Means alot. I shall follow...gotta see what happens with the tween room.

  4. Thanks! Tom Felicia has a line of fabric at Calico Corners. I hope to be done with the decal soon.

  5. I often take a break from my DIY projects:) I have two half upholstered chairs downstairs that needed a time out! I'll try again on the weekend:) Keep up the good work. I started my design and lifestyle blog last fall and I also have no followers (that I know of) (well other than friends and family of course) but the hit counter says people are reading so I'm being zen about the comments thing. Wishing you the best, I will follow your DIY projects with interest! my blog is http://www.scottdesigns.ca not sure why it doesent show..must be because Im with wordpress and not blogger...see rookie alert!

  6. I love the quote, "my project is in a time-out". I will definitely be using that saying.

  7. I use Custom Wall Decals a lot. They come off very cleanly and don't hurt the paint. They can even be put on the walls of a new house!


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