Upholstered bed for the tween

As the tween room makeover continues.....here is what started it all

This bedding from Target. Next, came the upholstered headboard. Since I can no longer find the original inspiration photo (it's not lost, it's with the other sock, my library card, and several gift cards together....somewhere), It looked similar to this
Canadian House & Home

I also forget to take before photo's (improving on that one), I purchased a bed on Craigslist that looked similar to this

It had a matching footboard. Painted everything white and upholstered it

One suggestion, a plaid fabric is VERY hard to work with and makes the entire project take WAY too long.

Tween approved

Additional pillows to follow.

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  1. Whoa Linda! That's awesome! I love craigslist:) You need to submit pictures of your project to websites that feature DIY projects. DIY Showoff is one of them, and there are others. You did an amazing transformation, what a lucky tween!

  2. What a cute bed! I wish I could do this but it looks hard! Actually, im quite inspired to go and try to start upholstering. You should do some posts on how to. Cant wait to read more posts!

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  4. Wow, that turned out wonderful! Such a pretty bed. I'm sure your tween loved it!


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