Curb Appeal for the Garden Shed

My garden shed could use a little extra something. I want it to have more curb appeal.

Sorry the photo is so dark, still fighting with technology (technology is winning by a landslide!). I love the idea of a potting shed. A place to go an putter around for an afternoon. Something like this;

from Cape Cod Sheds.

Or this beauty from Sunset Magazine;

I think I am going to add a hitching post, even though I don't own a horse.

That might be just the extra charm that I have been looking for.


f45ae9c8-4c43-11e0-a06b-000f20980440 said...

I think it is so cute how your shed matches your house! Your blogs are amazing and I will DEFINATLEY be checking back in!

Mimi said...

Did you ever fancy up your potting shed? How about that hitching post?

My Crafty Home-Life said...

Sadly no...maybe this will be the year?

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