Nantucket Chinoiserie Chic

Alright, how much full disclosure do I want to give you about my friend, Beth? She is probably one of the most personally private bloggers around. I have been teasing her all week that this is going to be the Chinoiserie Chic Roast. She didn't flinch one inch on my empty threat.  

Our unlikely friendship started over a guest post that I did on her blog. That should have been the death of it. I was new to guest posting, and sent the entire thing over in Word. You can't access pictures in Word, and she could not upload them. I remember her words clearly, "this has never happened to me before". To make matters worse, I was already in Florida on winter break with my family and had no way of resending any of it. So while she painstakingly figured out image by image what to do....I was sitting by the pool. Miraculously, we bonded over it....after some time went by.

Fast forward, and we have become quite chatty with each other. This may surprise you because she does not openly comment on my blog, but I kid you not, she lets me know exactly what she thinks of my posts via email. In fact, I can't begin to tell you the amount of banter we have shared over this particular post. She may even discover that some of the images have been photoshopped. Of course I give her an equal amount of unsolicited advice back. I think she is learning.

We are like two teenage girls sharing the same cabin at camp. Cracking each other up, sending emails with words necessary, and exchanging ideas. Just yesterday, I gave her a dare....and from what I can tell, she has not done it yet. If it were not for blogging, there is no other way we would have met. I could not get into any of the Colleges she attended. She masters the English Language, and I butcher it. The most common bond that we share is the fact that we are both mother's of daughter's whom we hope will out shine us in every possible way. 

Although she has been blogging about Chinoiserie for years, the fact that the masses are now rediscovering it has me predicting that 2013 will be her most successful year. I better keep giving her advice. Beth has a heart of gold, and like just takes some digging to find it :-). 

If I know her, she will not be writing her post link over until after she is able to read mine, and then she will have her full rebuttal or plausible deniability....always the former Lawyer. 

Here is Nantucket Chinoiserie done by Beth from Chinoiserie Chic.

When I think of a home in Nantucket that would include elements of Chinoiserie, I see a palette of navy blue and white with pops of coral. I would incorporate lots of stripes for a nautical feel and because I love combining stripes and Chinoiserie. Blue and white Chinese porcelain, sisal rugs, and Chinese Chippendale designs would all be musts.

The Entryway - Jamie Meares

The Entrance Hall - Carolyne Roehm

The Stairs - House Beautiful

The Living Room - Ralph Lauren

The Dining Room - Coastal Living

The Dining Room - Michael S. Smith

The Bedroom - Kim Alexandriuk

The Bedroom - Ralph Lauren

The Bedroom - Ralph Lauren

The Child's Bedroom - Alessandra Branca

The Powder Room - Jennifer Dengel

The Bathroom - Coastal Living

The Porch - Carolyne Roehm

Thanks, Girlfriend....I'm still waiting on that dare.

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